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Gas Ranges: The All-in-One Cooking Solution

There's something about the classic gas range that brings joy to cooking, whether you're crafting a three-course meal or a simple omelet. Maybe that comes from the precision of using a gas-lit flame, or how quickly the flame responds to the turn of a dial. Either way, the versatile gas range has been the choice of culinary geniuses and home chefs for generations. The electric range does have its own benefits, though. Find an appliance that fits your home at Abt.

Up On the Gas Range

Low, Medium, or High? Those might be the three settings you normally think of when standing at a traditional stove considering how to cook something. But these days, a gas range isn't limited to four burners and three settings. Pancake lovers and panini specialists should check out a range with a griddle. These multipurpose cooktops provide the space to make large amounts of your favorite foods, and are perfect for when guests are in the house.

Looking for even more versatility? Go big and opt for a gas range with six burners (or more). Home chefs and meal preppers will appreciate the extra two burners that cut cook times in half. Keep pasta bubbling while soups simmer and proteins brown, all with enough space to work on your next task.

Convection vs Convention Oven

Modern ovens are heated in one of two different ways. Convection ovens use convection fans that move heat evenly throughout the oven, while a conventional ovens heat source is stationary and rises up from the oven's floor. For more info on which oven is best for your cooking style, check out our article comparing convection vs convectional ovens.

Even then, not all ovens are made equal. Before deciding on a gas range based on the internal heat type and the number of burners, take a look inside. What do you use your oven for most of the time? If you're a big fan of large roasts and baked birds, make sure you pick an oven with a self-cleaning function. Don't forget to run the self-cleaning function at least a few hours before you want to use your oven next--it can take a few hours to complete.

More of a baker? Consider a model with an internal temperature sensor for delicate custards and cakes. That way, you can monitor any changes in temperature without needing to open the door and compromise the integrity of your bakes. Sourdough maniacs and homemade bread bakers might want to consider a combination steam convection oven. These appliances bring water to a boiling 212 degrees, steaming veggies, pizzas, proteins, and homemade doughs for a crust that's not too dry. When it's time to brown and grill foods as usual, just switch to convection mode to keep the steam at bay.

Gas Ranges: The Right Style

Finally, it's important to match your gas range with your kitchen's style. Are your refrigerator and dishwasher both coated in sleek stainless steel? Consider matching with a silver-grey stove for a unified look. Alternatively, opt for an explosive dash of color with a professional series oven from brands like KitchenAid or Viking. Love straight lines and uninterrupted countertops? Create the illusion of a seamless built-in kitchen with a slide-in range. These appliances are designed and customized to fit exactly in your space, "sliding" in-between cabinets and other appliances. The appliance is meant to be sandwiched within cabinetry and other appliances. Once installed, slide-in ranges offer a sleeker look than the average freestanding range. Learn more about the differences between these two styles here. An Expert Opinion Still not sure which gas range is best for your kitchen? Check out our buying guide and learn more about what to look for. Then shop our collection online or in-store, or give us a call at 800-860-3577. We've got kitchen experts at the ready, and are always here to help you find the best device for your home and lifestyle.

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