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With more and more people working from home, it's important to upgrade your home office setup. Abt carries a plethora ofGoogle home office devices to make the work day easier and more enjoyable. The foundation of any home office is a great computer. Google Pixelbook laptops have powerful Intel processors and plenty of storage space for documents, slideshows, or photos. With a keyboard and a touch screen, you can easily work on all kinds of projects. The 1080p webcam is perfect for Zoom meetings with coworkers or clients. Your computer can only work as efficiently as your WiFi signal, though, so it's important to have a powerful wireless router. Luckily, Google makes those home office devices as well. The Nest WiFi router can cover up to 2,200 square feet and lets you control your WiFi from your phone with the Google Home App. Nest provides a strong signal that won't lose strength if you move from room to room while on a phone or video call. You can also add a WiFi point to extend and strengthen your WiFi signal so you never lose connectivity while you're meeting with a potential new customer. These extenders also work as a smart speaker so you can play your favorite podcast in the background while you work. The proper lighting is also important to working efficiently— too bright and it'll give you a headache, too dim and you'll strain your eyes. Upgrade your home office with Google smart lights. With a simple "Hey, Google," you can turn the lights on or off and dim them without leaving your desk. Make them brighter so you're well-lit for your team's video meeting and dim them as you work into the evening.

Google's handy devices extend beyond your home office. A smart thermostat is a great addition to your home whether you're working there or not because you can control it from anywhere. Google Nest thermostats help you use less energy and therefore save you money. If you are working from home, though, it's nice to be able to adjust the temperature in your home without having to interrupt the big presentation you're working on. If you're working with the little ones at home, a Nest Cam Indoor is a great way to keep an eye on older children who can play alone in the other room while you work. If you have a baby, you can keep an eye on them in their crib with these cameras, too. You can also keep an eye on your garage or front door with the Nest Cam Outdoor, which gives you peace of mind so you can focus more on your work and less on potential package thieves. If you're starting your own business or have transitioned to fully remote work, you'll need lots of equipment to work comfortably and efficiently. Luckily, we have an extensive guide for remote workers to be sure you don't forget anything for your new home office, whether that's a comfortable desk chair or a responsive computer. You can also call our experts at 800-860-3577 for help choosing the best Google home office devices for your needs.

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