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House of Marley Speakers

House of Marley Speakers: Sound For Good

House of Markey speakers are made only with the best in mind: the best music, the best people, and the best materials made specifically for the planet. The House of Marley brand at Abt grounds their motto in Bob Marley's love and passion for the preservation of the planet, and it's why so many of their electronics are made with eco-friendliness at the forefront of the design. Instead of harmful plastics, favorite models are crafted with beautiful bamboo, upcycled cork, eco-friendly fabrics and many other materials designed to help clean up the planet. Many are wireless and Bluetooth-friendly, too—instead of purchasing different House of Marley speakers for home and for on the go, know that these multifunctional noise makers can do it all.

Audio Quality Worthy of Reggae

House of Marley speakers were birthed by a complete genre and are designed to do music and audio complete justice across the sonic spectrum. And if you're searching for big sound and bigger volume, you'll find it here. Boosted bass, big drivers & well-designed tweeters send music flowing perfectly throughout the space. Place powered models in your home for stereo sound, or bring wireless Bluetooth noisemakers wherever you roam. Toss a smaller model in a bag or bring a big House of Marley speaker to a picnic or party to unleash the full strength of well-crafted sound.

Responsible, Sustainable Materials Without Compromise

It's not just the audio that's well-designed within these House of Marley speakers. A lot of attention goes into the craft of each model, from aesthetic design to material selection. As mentioned earlier, the sonic experts are focused on crafting materials that are good for both sound quality and the planet. That's why they use bamboo so often: it's both strong and flexible, allowing it to move with the music. It's even made using a carbon positive process—not carbon neutral, but carbon positive. Other materials found within many of these House of Marley speakers include recycled materials. Their collection of fabrics and silicones are made with reclaimed and post-consumer materials. Whether you're taking your audio with you to a friend's gathering or hosting the party yourself, you'll have good music that's just the right way to groove.

If you're in search of the perfect AV setup for your home but still aren't sold on these House of Marley speakers, you're in the right place. Our team of audio experts has been helping people to choose the perfect gear for their needs for decades. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 for advice tailored to meet your audiological needs, or head into the store to see some of our products in person. You might even be able to hear them in person, too. Hoping to do some research from home? Read through our speaker buying guide to learn more about what you might want in one, or check out our other audio electronics buying guides if you're taking yours on the go.

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