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JennAir Electric Downdraft Cooktops

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Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktops: The Original

In 1961 Jenn Air gained notoriety for creating the first downdraft cooktop. Since then, they've found their way into kitchens across the globe looking for a way to manage the smoke, grease, and odors of cooking without a ventilation hood. The cooking capabilities of a Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktop are second to none. With a minimum of four radiant elements, they make it easy to fry up an entree while steaming sides and simmering a sauce. Each cooktop includes a Triple Choice or Dual Choice Element that adapt their heated area to various sizes of cookware. These heating elements provide up to 3,000 watts of power when fully utilized.

The remaining heating elements on these cooktops offer varying levels of power, ensuring you have the heat you need for any task. The most powerful of these outputs an impressive 3,200 watts of power, bringing water to a boil in a matter of minutes. On the other end of the spectrum, the 1,200-watt heating element is perfect for melting foods like butter and chocolate or simmering sauces. Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktops are also equipped with hot surface indicator lights to keep you safe from accidental burns. As impressive as their heating elements are, the ventilation system of a Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktop deserves the lion's share of praise. Unlike noisy range hoods, these downdrafts extract smoke, steam, and odors from the air quietly. The secret to their performance is Perimetric Extraction which pulls in contaminants from around the perimeter of the cooktop. And, with an optional Duct-Free Ventilation Kit you can even install these cooktops in locations where external venting isn't possible.

On top of it all, Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktops are stunning. Euro-style models which accent the sleek black cooking surface with stainless steel die-cast metal control knobs and borders. The alternative Black Floating Glass designs offer a more unified appearance with matching black borders and control knobs. The cooktop surface incorporates DuraFinish Glass Protection to keep its ceramic glass looking new by resisting scratches. Quiet, efficient, and gorgeous Jenn Air Downdraft Electric Cooktops make an excellent addition to any kitchen. Find the perfect model above and take yours home today.

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  • Loved being able to track my delivery in real time. Once the guys came, they were like a well oiled machine. They got out the old and brought in the new like a choreographed dance. They set me up quickly and explained everything I needed to know about my new stove. They were courteous and conscientious.
    Marcella Z. - Chicago, IL
    June 3, 2021