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LG Wall Air Conditioners

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Keep Windows Clear and Stay Cool

Whether you live in a perpetually warm climate or a place that experiences all four seasons, air conditioning is a must-have for any environment that gets above 75°F. Unfortunately, window air conditioners take up valuable space and prevent you from properly opening or closing your windows, while central air units are costly and difficult to install. Meanwhile, portable AC versions can seem unsightly and robotic. The solution? LG wall air conditioners. These units provide powerful performance to cool off any room or smaller apartment. They install directly into the wall, leaving your windows clear and free of any obstructions.

Wall Over Window: Installation and Benefits

So why choose a wall unit over a window version in the first place? While it's true that window units are easy to install and remove, their often-flimsy seal means they're less efficient than other cooling options. Plus, there's no way to open your window while there's a window unit inside. Take advantage of breezy summer days when you don't need AC with LG wall air conditioners by simply opening the window. These installed fixtures are a permanent solution to a permanent problem. There's no running back and forth between the garage and the house every summer or hoisting window units up off the ground. Instead, specialists (like us) cut a permanent hole in the wall before fitting it with a sleeve. The LG wall air conditioner is then installed. Make sure your gap is correctly measured, and that any nearby outlets are rated for the voltage that you need.

LG Wall Air Conditioners: Features and Modes

The engineers at LG designed these with next-gen features to help make your home cool (and keep it that way). Separate cool and fan modes allow you to customize your airflow to match just what you need, while multiple fan speeds push colder temperatures further into the home. Meanwhile, energy-saving modes turn the device off once the desired temp is reached, then activate again when it gets too hot. Many of these devices are Energy Star rated for efficiency, too, helping to keep utility costs down. If you're not sure which type of AC is for you, check out our Air Conditioner Sizing and Buying Guide. For more personalized advice, give us a call at 800-860-3577 to talk to one of our seasoned specialists about choosing and installing one. Alternatively, come into the store to see some of these devices on our floor in person.

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