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Lynx Grill Smoker Accessories

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Lynx Grill Smoker Accessories

Whether you have a Lynx grill with a smoker box or a Lynx smoker, having the right supplies are essential for creating flavorful plates. Our lineup of Lynx smoker accessories helps infuse your food with flavor that can't be achieved any other way. Don't worry if you don't have a Lynx smoker. You can also place wood chips directly on your grill to create flavor-enhancing smoke. If you already have a Lynx grill, you may not want to buy another large outdoor appliance. Luckily, many Lynx grills come with a smoker box so you can use your favorite flavor enhancers on your outdoor grill. Whether you have a grill or a smoker, freestanding or built-in, adding the right accessories creates an enjoyable grilling experience. No matter what you choose to add to your Lynx smoker, it's important that your fuel source stays dry. Be sure to store them in a secure drawer or cabinet after every use so you get the best smoke every time.

Wood chips are a popular choice to add to a smoker or smoker box for high-impact flavors. Different woods pair better with different foods; the heartier the protein, the more robust wood chips you should use for proper flavor enhancing. Steak and pork, for example, work great with mesquite or hickory wood. Wood chips are also available as blends or you can experiment and make blends yourself. Bring home a multi-pack of Lynx wood chips and mix and match to create meals that are truly unique. Charcoal is a classic for a reason. Charcoal grilling has numerous advantages over gas grilling, with taste being perhaps the most important. Nothing beats the smoky, juicy food that charcoal grills create. You can use charcoal to create different cooking zones on your Lynx grill, with high heat areas requiring more coals. You can also make charcoals as hot as you desire without the limitations of a temperature-controlled gas grill. If you want that iconic grilled flavor, charcoal is the easiest way to get it.

Pellet grilling is the big trend in the grilling industry. Pellets help turn your grill into a smoker with the temperature control of modern grills, meaning you'll have perfectly cooked, smoky-flavored food every time you open your Lynx grill. They're a natural fuel source that quickly burn to produce flavorful smoke that infuses beef, chicken, pork and more. Like wood chips, you can pick from different flavored wood pellets like hickory or mesquite. They make less mess than other smoke sources so you don't have tons of messy ash to wipe up when you're done cooking. If you're unfamiliar with pellet grills, we've written an article about how wood pellet grills work. Whether you're a novice griller or a seasoned grill master, Lynx smoker accessories are an easy way to add nuance and flavor to your food. Pair your new accessories with reliable Lynx grill tools so you can create the best meals for your friends and family all from the comfort of your backyard.

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