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Lynx Grill Utensils

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  • Lynx - LGRT - Grill Utensils
    Abt Model: LGRT
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    3-Piece Tool Set With Additional Basting Brush Attachment/ Spatula Has A Serated Leading Edge/ Cleaning Tool Helps Eliminate Baked Foods From Solid Grates/ Large, Durable Pakka Wood Handle/ Silver Finish
    Your Price: $239.00
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Lynx Grill Utensils and Grilling Tool Set

From tongs to spatulas and basting brushes, having a set of reliable grill utensils is a must for any griller. The right tools help you flip burgers, move food around on your grill, add sauce to dishes, or safely put food on your guests' plates. Mix and match to suit your needs or choose a classic set that includes the essentials. Lynx offers grilling tools for countless dishes to have you cooking like a pro in no time. The right spatula will flip your favorite grass-fed or turkey burgers with ease. Stainless steel options look as good as they work and resist rust so you can wash them again and again. Spatulas come in several styles to fit your cooking style. You can opt for a classic flat-edge option or choose one with a serrated edge that easily slides under food or cuts into steak. A large, wide spatula holds the entire diameter of your beefiest burgers so you can turn them evenly on the grill. A durable spatula is the cornerstone of any grilling setup and your collection of grill utensils isn't complete without one. High-quality tongs are essential for precision tasks. A durable stainless steel pair is strong enough to pick up the largest steaks and place them on a plate. Look for tongs with a locking feature as they're easier to store and can often be unlocked with one hand. Tongs are essential for moving food around on your grill and acting like an extension of your arm to keep yourself safe from flames and grease splatters. They flip foods with ease and can also carry your food from grill to plate. With a stainless steel finish, your tongs can handle the hottest grills. Its non-corrosive finish means your tongs will work well with a variety of foods without sustaining damage.

If juicy, saucy ribs are your specialty, you need a basting brush. These brushes, typically made of silicone, are essential to any set of grill utensils because they make saucing your food simple. Swipe butter onto freshly grilled peaches or spread sauce on chicken or ribs. If you're frying something on your side burner, you can easily swipe an egg wash across your food for crispy, fried goodness. Models with silicone bristles are non-corrosive so they won't be ruined by acidic sauces. Silicone also offers high heat resistance so you can use your brush on food fresh off the grill. Silicone doesn't shed and is easier to clean than traditional bristle brushes so you don't risk cross-contamination between meals. Lynx grill utensils are designed to handle your biggest grilling projects. Ergonomic handles are easy to use and comfortable to hold for lengths of time so you can cook meals for your entire family. Loops or handles enable you to hang your favorite tools from your grill so they're always within reach. If you prefer to keep your grill utensils tucked away from dust or dirt, they can also be stored in your grill drawers or cabinets. When paired with an arsenal of Lynx grill accessories, you can build the grilling setup of your dreams.

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