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Lynx Liquid Propane Gas Grills

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Gas-Fueled Flames: Liquid Propane Lynx Grills

Whether you're flipping brats on a balcony overlooking the city or searing shrimp skewers out on the green grass, there's nothing better than summertime grilling. Instead of moping inside and baking chicken breasts in the oven for a flavorless dinner, grillmasters are called to seize their grilling utensils and head out the door to get cooking. Upgrade to a proper propane barbecue from Lynx Grills to get the flavor and flexibility you've been craving all season long. These days there are more ways to barbecue than ever before, including classic charcoal searing and even wood pellet grilling. But many are comfortable with the easy-to-use propane-fueled cooker, and are looking to take their grilling game up a notch. While the fuel works the same as other propane barbecues (with a reusable tank of fuel attached to the grill via a gas line, allowing for easy portability) Lynx grills are remarkably different from the lower-level models on the market. The company was started by experts in the restaurant industry who've been making culinary gear for years. That's why all of their stainless steel grills are built for exceptional durability and even better cooking.

Bring the Heat Up

While charcoal grillers have always boasted that black briquettes burn way hotter than any gas cooker, Lynx grills change that with help from their infrared burners. Look for a grill with their signature Trident™ infrared burner—these heaters can hit temperatures as high as 1000°F, searing those coveted dark grill marks into anything you make. Unlike other grills, these infrared burners can be easily adjusted, too, dropping temperatures as low as 300°F. That's heat control you won't be able to attain by moving briquettes from one side of the grill to another. Some Lynx grills come with traditional gas burners, while others contain one or more of the Trident™ infrared versions—make sure to explore all of your options when it comes to heat distribution. Keep in mind that ceramic "briquettes" atop classic burners ensure that you achieve even heat distribution across the cook box no matter which burners you're using.

Grill Carts and Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to storing that big tank of propane, Lynx grills have you covered. Instead of leaving the tank and line in plain sight like other grill makers, nearly all Lynx carts come with wide doors perfect for storing tanks (as well as other gear like aprons and grill utensils). That easy storage space and lack of clutter lets freestanding barbecues strike a neat silhouette. Meanwhile, built-in barbecues require a bit of custom storage design. Equip yours with drawers, doors, and cabinets with help from Lynx's full suite of outdoor kitchen gear. Customize a look that fits your island and other appliances like compact refrigerators or ice makers—for example, consider dedicating one drawer to glassware, and keep that close to the ice maker for when you're handing out cocktails. Meanwhile, a dedicated drawer for grilling gloves near the propane isn't a bad idea, either. Whether you're storing propane tanks or cookware, personalize your new gas grill to do exactly what you need. Once you're finished setting up your cooker, turn on the gas and get grilling.

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