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Lynx Outdoor Natural Gas Grills

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Stronger Feats, Higher Heats

No matter the fuel, Lynx grills are designed with high-performance grilling in mind. Whether you're cooking on a built-in barbecue or a freestanding model, fit yours with an infrared burner to ensure your natural gas cooker can deliver that enviable high-heat sear. These infrared burners can soar to temperatures as high as 1000°F, giving anything you cook an enviable sear. Meanwhile, radiant "briquettes" below provide for an even distribution of heat between classic burners too, ensuring that hot spots stay out of the equation. For a truly gourmet grilling experience, explore Lynx Grills and their selection of rotisserie-enabled devices. These grills have an infrared burner against the rear of the hood that's perfect for searing spitted meats, fruits, and veggies. Spit-roast chickens, baste leg of lamb, sear whole pineapples, and blacken a basket of peppers for truly savory meals. When not in use, store your rotisserie accessories and other gear within your gas grill cart or the storage drawers in your outdoor kitchen.

A Stainless Steel Sheen

Instead of off-color paint layers and plastic trim, all Lynx grills are made with durable stainless steel construction. Each grill is created from the same material for a cohesive design that's sure to stay in style for years to come. Keep your freestanding grill close to the patio seating for an unbeatable conversation starter, or protect that shining surface beneath a grill cover when inclement weather rolls into town. These covers are each custom made to fit Lynx-specific models, giving them a tight fit to prevent pooling water. The easy-to-manage finger loops allow users to quickly and easily secure their cover, too—these finger loops help to pull the cover even tauter, keeping any hungry critters away to find dinner elsewhere.

A Grill For Everyone

If you're not sure that a natural gas barbecue is best for you, check out the other Lynx grills sold at Abt, or brush up on the basics with our Outdoor Grill Buying Guide. You'll find cookers to match any lifestyle, from portable tailgating grills to ones designed for high-capacity entertainers. If you're still having trouble deciding which one is best for you, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. Our experts are always happy to share their experience and advice.

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