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Marine Amplifiers: Build a Better Summer Soundtrack

If you always grab your portable speaker before heading out on your boat for a waterskiing session, you might be doing this whole "summer" thing wrong. Underpowered sound and low volume just isn't the way to enjoy a day playing in the waves. Instead, soup up your watercraft with one of the marine amplifiers available at Abt. You might be more familiar with other elements of a lake-worthy audio setup—things like speakers, radio, and subwoofers. Instead of producing or intercepting sound, though, a marine amplifier...amplifies. These nondescript kits help to isolate and sharpen different sonic qualities, ensuring that your music sounds as clear as possible (when combined with the right speakers, of course). And with the ability to provide a volume boost on just about any watercraft, these devices might be a little more essential than you'd imagine.

Why Do I Need One for My Boat?

If you're still wondering whether you need one of these, consider a few factors. First, if you have a subwoofer, you generally have to wire it through an amplifier. And while some modern radios feature built-in amps, these hybrids often have limited space for accessories. Second, if you are installing multiple speakers, you're going to need a central hub to connect and power them all—and these little boxes are the perfect place to make those connections. For those in search of big bass beats and high volume, these marine amplifiers are an absolute necessity. Even if you aren't hoping to blast your playlist all across the lake, these audio elements are rarely a bad idea. That's because they're made to foil the design of open-deck boats with low walls and no ceilings. In these, the acoustics are very different from any indoor space or even an outdoor patio. The boat is always on the move, and you're being battered by the sounds of wind, waves, and engine noise. It can be hard to get a conversation in when you're moving at high speeds, much less listen to music. Give your happy hour cruise a boost with higher quality tunes that you can actually hear with help from a marine amplifier. Sharpened and isolated sounds become clearer, while higher volume ensures that each powerful beat lands.

All-Weather Amped

Unlike an indoor surround sound system, your boat's audio set-up won't be staying inside all year long. Instead, you'll spend your time ripping across the waves, pumping up wakeboarders, waterskiers, and tubers alike with high-speed fun and the summer's best playlists. Time on the water means time getting wet, though, and water doesn't always play well with electronics. Luckily, Abt's catalog of marine amplifiers is water-resistant—for an extra layer of protection, look for models that resist corrosion as well as UV damage. That way, your new system will last through waves, wind, and even storms.

Not Sure Which Amp Is For You?

If you're still not quite sure which of these devices is best for your wave rider, give our Mobile Installation team a call at 800-860-3577. Our mechanics are backed by years of experience installing new sonic systems in cars, yachts, motorcycles, speedboats, and just about anything else that moves.

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