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MartinLogan Tower Speakers

MartinLogan floor standing speakers reproduce audio with an incredible level of clarity. The company made a name for itself with its focus on electrostatic speakers. These complex designs output a higher quality of sound that makes the speakers the envy of audiophiles everywhere. Traditional speakers, like the Motion series from MartinLogan, house cones and domes in a box. An amplifier sends current through wire coils that are attached to a single point on the cone or dome. This current interacts with a fixed magnet to move the coil and create sound. These drivers often flex and resonate at certain frequencies because the coil only attaches to a single point. This can cause distorted audio and uneven response when the diaphragm isn't completely rigid.

Electrostatic MartinLogan tower speakers solve these issues with a radically different design. The difference is apparent with even a quick glimpse at these floorstanding speakers. Rather than a large speaker box outfitted with a series of cones, electrostatic speakers resemble a tall, thin grate. This grate is composed of two stators sandwiched around a lighter-than-air plastic diaphragm coated with a conductive material. To move the diaphragm, an amplifier sends equal but opposite charges to each stator. When the front stator has a positive charge, it pushes the diaphragm while the negatively charged rear stator pulls. This design drives the full diaphragm as opposed to just a single point, regardless of its rigidity. As a result, the diaphragms of electrostatic MartinLogan tower speakers don't suffer from the same uneven responses or distorted audio of traditional speakers.

Although electrostatic speakers are exceptional at recreating midrange and high frequencies, their bass response is less impressive. So, electrostatic MartinLogan tower speakers employ a hybrid design with dynamic woofers beneath the electrostatics. The resulting pristine highs and tight bass make them the perfect speakers for home theaters and stereo setups alike. Pair them with some high-quality bookshelf speakers for a truly immersive surround sound set up. For help deciding which speakers are right for your home, reach out to our Custom Audio and Video Department at 847-544-2307. They'll gladly answer any questions you may have and can make suggestions within your price range that meet your needs. Or read through our Speaker Buying Guide for a breakdown of the various kinds of speakers and their benefits. But if you already know what you're looking for, order from our above selection of MartinLogan tower speakers today. We'll get them out to you as soon as possible so that you can start enjoying your favorite music with a clarity you've only dreamed about.

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