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Micro SD Cards

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Micro SD Cards

A micro SD card is a secure digital memory card that's used with portable devices. They are the smallest memory cards available but some can hold up to 128GB. People use memory cards to store photos and videos, music files, and software applications. They are also used in some types of mobile phones. Manufacturers comply with industry standards so their cards will work on many different types of devices such as digital cameras, phones, and tablets.

These cards were once a common feature in video game consoles, media players, and electronic instruments like synthesizers and pianos. They're still needed for these older models. Many people prefer cards to USB flash drives because they are inserted into the device and don't stick out like flash drives.

Abt has micro SD cards available from brands such as NAV-TV and ProMaster. Adapters are also available so these cards can be used with devices equipped with an SD card slot. SD cards are older version memory cards with less than 2GB of memory capacity.

Memory: Micro SD Cards

The storage capacity of an SD card falls in the range of 128MB to 2GB. An SDHC is a card with a high capacity that holds between 4GB to 32GB. An SDXC is extended capacity version that stores memory in the range of 64GB to 2TB. Before purchasing a card, make sure you understand your data storage needs.

If you need a card with a lot of memory, a NAV-TV BlackVue card is a great option. Cards are available with storage capacities of 65GB and 128GB. These cards are compatible with all models of BlackVue dashcams.

The ProMaster Professional 32GB micro SDHC Rugged Memory CardProMaster is up to three times stronger than the average memory card. Its internal components are made with industrial-grade materials that protect it against moisture and high humidity as well as extremes of hot and cold temperatures. Its bright red color makes it easy to find. If you've ever dropped a micro SD card, you know how difficult they are to see. Their rugged design also means your data has extra protection. An SD adapter is included.

Don't Lose Your Data

As an affordable option, the ProMaster Performance 2.0 is great. With 16GB of memory, it's perfect for transferring and storing video and photos. It's fast, reliable, and affordable too. Micro card readers are also helpful for transferring data. A reader like the ProMaster Trifecta can be used to connect to USB-A, USB-C, and USB Micro B, but also USB On-The-Go (OTG) which is used on smartphones, computers, and tablets. It features dual slots for use with SD and micro SD cards.

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