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  • Neat - MICWCDU - Microphones Neat - MICWCDU - Microphones
    Abt Model: MICWCDU
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    • Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Bit Rate : 24 bit
    • Shipping Weight (lbs.) : 5
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    Your Price: $29.00
    Regular Price: $39.00 Save $10.00 (26%)
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A Neat USB Microphone for Any Project

If you're starting a new creative project, the right equipment is a must. The proper microphone is one of the most important components of a project; if your audience doesn't like what they hear, they won't come back for more. Luckily, Neat microphones offer incredible quality at an even better value. Don't let your budget stop you from creating incredible content; Neat microphones are perfect for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, and voiceovers without breaking the bank. A leading name in the audio industry, Neat combines innovative technology with cutting-edge design for a product that you can rely on for your most ambitious projects. Their microphones record any sound in high definition, professional quality. Even if you're not a musician or artist, you can benefit from a Neat microphone. Individuals working in offices will enjoy a high-quality microphone for video conferences, meetings, and presentations to effectively communicate with clients or colleagues. Most Neat audio products are cardioid microphones, meaning they capture noise in front of the microphone while blocking out other noise. That way, if your roommates are making noise while you're trying to record a song or podcast, your microphone won't pick up the disturbances. Cardioid microphones are perfect for all kinds of solo recordings, amplifying your voice or instrument over background noise. You can even use them while video chatting with friends or family so they can hear you as clearly as if you were speaking in person. The opportunities are endless with a Neat microphone.

Neat Widget: Next Generation USB Microphones

The Widget USB microphone family brings professional-grade recording to your home. These plug-and-play microphones can easily plug into your laptop or desktop computer so you can immediately start recording. This simple design eliminates the need for additional audio accessories that may be confusing to beginners. These aren't your typical uninspiring all-black audio devices, though; Neat Widget microphones feature unique, colorful designs to instantly elevate your recording space. Choose from different designs that embody your personality or creative inspiration. Each Nest USB microphone features a built-in pop filter, which is especially helpful if you're recording a song or a podcast. You're actually more familiar with pop filters than you think; if you've ever seen a photo of your favorite musician in the studio, their microphone will have a round pop filter in front of the microphone. As their name suggests, these filters minimize interference from popping sounds, like words with a hard P or B sound, and can even cut down on hissing sounds that can happen when using words with S sounds. Popping sounds are unpleasant for listeners so it's important to filter them out. Having this technology built into your USB microphone makes the editing process easier by doing some of the work for you. Even if you're new to the world of audio recording and editing, Neat makes the process simple and enjoyable. If you are a novice, we're here to help. Visit our Glenview retail location or call our audio experts at 800-860-3577 to learn more about our selection of Neat microphones.

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