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See Your Favorite Movies and Shows in a New Light with an All-New OLED TV

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The television has come a long way since its early days of projection screens and black and white films. From standard definition to high definition, we've seen TV technology become exponentially more exceptional during the past three decades. Now, the next evolutionary leap has arrived with OLED TV technology. If you've never seen an OLED TV, you might not know what your missing. Chances are you're still using a classic light-emitting diode, or LED TV at home. These models tend to come in smaller sizes than are available for their organic-lit cousins.

What Is An OLED TV? Do I Really Need It?

The acronym stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, and describes the ultra-thin sheets of organic material in the screen. When struck with an electrical current, the pixels themselves are able to create light. This is unlike LED technology, which uses a layer of liquid crystal display (LCD) in each screen. Since the pixels in an OLED TV illuminate themselves, they can be controlled at the pixel level, infusing some areas with vibrant color and turning others completely off for ultra-deep blacks. The result? Incredibly vivid color contrast and razor-thin high definition that's not seen in any other type of television. These devices are exceptionally slim and sport skinny frames, unlike their clunky predecessors. That makes these thin silhouettes an easy addition to a living space or bedroom. Pair your new OLED TV with a soundbar or home theater speaker system to give your audio a boost, too. Perfectly designed for wall mounting, these televisions bring immersive entertainment that rivals right into your home. And if you like streaming shows, watching films, or playing games—yes, you'll need it. This technology is quickly overtaking LED and LCD screens in popularity, meaning that they'll soon be the new norm. Also, you can check out our guide to learn about the difference between OLED vs. LED TVs. Whichever one you pick, you'll want to check out how to keep your next-gen screen clean, too.

Smart As The Standard

So, should you opt for a 4K or 8K model, and what does that even mean? While OLED describes the way that the screen is lit, 4K and 8K indicate a resolution that's finer than standard HD. 4K is sometimes described as Ultra HD or UHD, and is often paired with OLED technology. Matching high-quality resolution with distinctive color depth creates a viewing experience that's nothing short of surreal. 8K resolution sharpens lines even further for the finest definition on the market today. Looking for even better picture quality? Keep an eye out for 4K or 8K models with their own upscaling AI system or processor. These devices act as a kind of computer, analyzing content as it plays and working to make it look immaculate. These quick-working chips produce even finer lines, reduced image noise, and enhanced color contrast. These next-gen televisions perform even when the show is over. Nearly every one of these entertainment powerhouses comes equipped with smart capabilities. Accessing the web and searching for your next binge-able series is a breeze with connected remotes. On the hunt for even more smart features? Look for models that connect to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control your entertainment with just your voice—start, pause, and browse with just a word. No more frantic remote searches. Learn more about connecting your smart devices with our how to automate your home guide.

Questions About OLED TVs?

Not quite sure which model is for you, or whether to invest in a 4K or 8K? Give us a call at 800-860-3577 or do some homework ahead of time and read through our OLED TV Buying Guide. If you're still undecided, swing by the store and see the difference yourself before talking to an expert. We're always ready to answer any questions you may have or assist in picking out the perfect model for you.

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