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Oculus VR: Virtual Reality Made Material

When you think of video gaming, you might picture an old-fashioned gaming console from the 80s or 90s. Maybe it's something with a four-button controller and an easy-to-play interface. Or maybe you picture an arcade machine with blinking characters and flashing lights. While these games were (and still are) engrossing classics, the gaming industry is leaping into the future of entertainment within the realm of virtual reality. Oculus VR has been spearheading that approach with its wearable technology since 2012. Their first incarnation of Oculus VR, the Rift, broke new ground in immersive entertainment. Players could look at the environment around them and literally feel themselves in another world. However, users were still tethered by certain limits. You needed to be connected to a powerful gaming PC, and couldn't move around very freely. That's why Oculus VR invested in a more portable model: The Oculus Quest 2.

The Quest 2

With the Quest 2, users don't need to stay attached to a suped-up computer or a console. Those machines can be expensive, and adding the cost of a virtual reality headset on top of that limits accessibility. Instead, the engineers at Oculus VR decided that this new style of play should be for anyone and everyone, and created a headset with all the games ready to download inside. All you have to do is slip the headset on, pick up the two wrist controllers, and you're immersed in another reality. Whether that's a live concert, a Parisian street, or a battlefield is up to you. When they say that anyone can game, these developers do truly mean anyone. Parents, grandparents, friends, and kids alike can all experience virtual reality the easy way. The Quest 2 might look a little different from a normal controller, but it feels completely natural. Connect yours to the smartphone app, then use the user-friendly interface to choose a game and get all set up. Instead of lazing on the couch, you'll be moving around the living room. You can even make workouts fun with this easy-to-use device.

Personalize Your Virtual Reality

While the newest headset is undoubtedly powerful and accessible, not everyone's head is the same size. That can lead to some fiddling with straps and could even mess up your hair style. Avoid those issues and upgrade to the Elite Strap—this extra-padded strap cradles your cranium with thicker material for a more comfortable fit. And there's little chance of slippage thanks to the twistable fit wheel. With just a turn, you can tighten or loosen the fit. Once you're comfortable, you can get back in the game. For more ways to personalize your Oculus VR experience, look for gear like protective cases. And before you make your purchase, consider how much space you need on your headset for different games. If you only play occasionally and invest more time in other hobbies, the 64 GB model will have enough storage for your needs. But if gaming is your passion and you've got a full list of downloads you can't wait to play, opt for a model with more storage capacity. Hoping to learn more about home interactive entertainment? Check out our Video Game Consoles Buying Guide, or give us a call at 800-860-3577 for more information from our in-house experts.

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