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Pressure Cookers at Abt Electronics

Simply put, pressure cookers are devices that let you cook amazing food in a fraction of the time. They may seem intimidating at first, but Abt is here to give you all the information you need. From our pressure cooker buying guide and multi-cooker buying guide to how to use a pressure cooker to make quick meals, we have you covered.

How Pressure Cookers Work

The science behind how pressure cookers work is both simple and amazing. Sealing the cooking vessel allows pressure to build inside. The pressure raises the boiling point of liquids inside, thus allowing you to cook at a higher temperature than normal. This cuts cooking times down by hours in some cases, and keeps all the flavor sealed inside. At their core, pressure cookers have a sealed locking lid and pressure release valve. The lid keeps heat and steam inside the cooker, allowing the temperature and pressure to rise. The pressure release valve functions by limiting the pressure inside the pot to safe and effective levels.

Types of Pressure Cookers

Though the principles of how pressure cookers work are consistent, there are several different styles for you to choose from. The simplest is a stovetop model, and it looks like a pot with a locking lid on it. They are durable and simple, with no electronics and few moving parts to break. Stovetop pressure cookers can often reach higher pressures than other types, allowing for even shorter cooking times. Electric pressure cookers resemble slow cookers or rice cookers and sit on your countertop. The cooking pot and heating element are self-contained, and electronic controls allow for easy temperature and time settings. Multi-Cookers function exactly as their name indicates, allowing for pressure cooking along with a variety of other cooking styles, including slow cooking, air frying, and even sous vide. These units give you a lot of functionality in one appliance.

Benefits of Pressure Cooking

In addition to the headline features of fast cooking and time saving, pressure cooking is also energy-efficient. Tough cuts of meat that would take several hours in an oven can now be done in a fraction of the time in a pressure cooker. Cooking food quickly in a sealed environment can also retain more nutrients and preserve the vibrant appearance of items such as green vegetables.

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