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Pressure Cookers

Whether you're a busy working parent or just don't want to spend a lot of time on dinner, a pressure cooker is sure to make your life easier. These cookers use steam heat that builds up pressure inside a sealed pot to cook food faster. Unlike regular steaming, pressure cooking can actually brown or caramelize food because it works at much higher temperatures. Pressure cooking can actually reduce cooking times up to 70%. People are busier than ever and sometimes there just isn't time to wait an hour to eat dinner. Environmentally-conscious customers will enjoy the energy efficiency of these cookers; cooking with steam and cooking faster means these devices use significantly less energy than other small kitchen appliances. Pressure cookers are also great for those looking to eat healthier because steam pressure cooking retains more vitamins and minerals than other cooking methods like boiling. Their cooking method also preserves the color and appearance of foods so dinner will look as good as it tastes. These compact cookers are more than just a passing trend; with offerings from Ninja and Breville your pressure cooker will be one of your favorite kitchen companions over many years and countless meals. You can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whether it's healthy oatmeal or tender brisket. Make big batches of hard boiled eggs quickly and easily. Pressure cookers are incredibly popular with hundreds of cookbooks and online recipes you can follow if you need inspiration. These small appliances can easily fit on your counter or in a kitchen cabinet so yours is always within arm's reach. Most pressure cookers will have buttons or a selection screen that lets you choose the type of food you're cooking so you'll always get perfect results.

If you're a person who doesn't want a million kitchen gadgets sitting around, you'll be glad to know that we offer pressure cookers that can perform other functions like air frying or slow cooking. These multi-cookers combine the functionalities of multiple small appliances so you don't have to buy every trendy new cooker that hits the market. The Ninja Foodi®, for example, can pressure cook, steam, broil, dehydrate, and a slew of other cooking styles. You should also consider how many people you typically cook for; if you're cooking for the whole family, you might want a cooker with an 8-quart capacity to fit larger portions. Cut down on cleaning time when dinner is over by cooking entire meals in your pressure cooker. Buying a pressure cooker can be a big decision, so it's important to be informed. Luckily, we have plenty of resources for you so you can learn all about these appliances before you've even taken yours out of the box. We have a pressure cooker buying guide, a guide to using your pressure cooker, and an article that explains the difference between a pressure cooker vs. a slow cooker so you can be sure you're buying the right thing. No matter what you choose, we're confident you'll love your new cooker.

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