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Get Your Game on with Razer Microphones

Razer is a brand trusted by gamers worldwide. Whether you're just getting into streaming or you're a seasoned pro with a large following on Twitch or Facebook Gaming, you'll love the sleek design and incredible features on Razer microphones. The right microphone is a must-have if you're trying to grow your audience. Viewers want a high-quality experience and should be able to easily hear your commentary as you play. Most gaming headsets aren't designed with the same technology as a standalone microphone; if you rely on your headset alone, your voice won't sound as clear to your fans or background noise like footsteps or an air conditioner can seep in. Your game microphone is good for more than just streaming, though. If you work an office job, your microphone is great to have on conference calls. If you're looking to expand your gaming content to other platforms, you can record high-quality voice overs for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Razer microphones are available in cardioid and supercardioid models. If you're unsure which polar pattern is right for you, let us explain. Cardioid microphones are unidirectional, meaning they capture sound from a single direction; in this case, these microphones capture sound from directly in front. This sound pickup is a good choice for gaming mics because you likely won't have another person sitting next to you talking while you're playing. Supercardioid microphones offer better isolation from room noise, whether that's an air conditioner kicking on or the sound of your pet walking across the floor. These also pick up noise from the front but have a tighter pickup angle than cardioid microphones, which means it's especially important to position yourself directly in front of the microphone. If you jump up from your seat or gesticulate a lot when you play or speak, a cardioid model is the better option for your frequent movement.

While Razer microphones are available in multiple different styles, they do have several important factors in common, namely their compact size and sleek design. From the Seiren X to the Seiren Elite, these microphones don't take up much space on your desk, leaving more room for your monitors and keyboard. They can sit directly in front of you without blocking your screen. Of course, you can always add an accessory like a boom arm to take the microphone off the desk. They also have a sleek, professional look that matches their professional-grade technology. Therefore, you can emphasize aesthetics without sacrificing audio quality. Perhaps one of their most important features is that these microphones are USB enabled. These devices simply plug into your laptop or desktop computer to start recording, no complicated equipment or software required. If your goal is to be a top streamer with a huge audience, your setup is incredibly important. You'll need more than just a great microphone. Pair your microphones with other award-winning products from Razer like their headphones so you can hear your opponent's approaching footsteps. A gaming chair rounds out your streaming area with cool design that keeps you comfortable for hours of gameplay. To learn more about Razer microphones, call our team of experts at 800-860-3577.

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