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Rice Cookers & Steamers

Rice is a versatile kitchen staple for a reason—it pairs beautifully with meat, tofu, veggies, and more. That's why it's important to cook rice properly. Stop ruining your pans with caked-on rice and make the change. Rice cookers are designed to give you the perfect rice every time: not too dry but not too moist and just slightly sticky so it's easy to eat. They can cook any variety of rice whether it's white, brown, basmati, or jasmine. You can even use these appliances to cook other grains like quinoa. These cookers are made for success; they typically include their own measuring cup with markings on the inside of the appliance so you can use the correct ratio of water to rice. Many rice cookers also come with their own rice paddle or spoon to perfectly stir and serve your rice. Our selection includes top brands like Zojirushi, who are known for their reliable kitchen appliances. Many Zojirushi rice cookers feature their Neuro Fuzzy® technology, which means the cooker can think on its own and adjust the cooking temperature and time for perfect results. You can choose from cookers in a range of capacities so you can cook the perfect amount of rice whether you live alone or have a large family. If you and your loved ones enjoy eating rice multiple times a week, a 10-cup capacity cooker will be able to meet your demands. Those that live alone or who don't necessarily eat rice regularly will be satisfied with a 3-cup rice cooker. We even carry microwave rice cookers that work similarly to their countertop siblings, delivering fluffy rice every time.

Cleaning up after cooking rice on the stove can be a pain. Even if you've cooked the rice properly, it's likely there's rice residue left on your pan. Be sure to look for a rice cooker with nonstick components so they're easy to clean after you've eaten your perfectly fluffy rice. Some rice cookers have dishwasher-safe components to make cleanup even easier. If you're going to eat rice throughout the day or are waiting for your family to get home from work or school, you should opt for a cooker and warmer combo. These rice cookers have a Keep Warm mode so everyone can enjoy fresh, fluffy rice. Some even have an extended Keep Warm feature to keep your rice at the appropriate serving temperature so you can have rice for dinner, then enjoy some more with breakfast the next day. If you want your appliances to perform more than one function, there are rice cookers that also have a steam basket or special settings for sushi rice or making cakes. Yes, your rice maker can make cake. While these fully-loaded models cost more money than no-frills rice cookers, you'll enjoy the range of settings that let you cook all kinds of rice with ease. To learn more about these mighty appliances, check out our rice cooker buying guide. You can also visit our experts in store or call them at 800-860-3577 with questions.

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