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Samsung Over The Range Microwaves

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Samsung Over the Range Microwaves to Cook and Clean

Keep your cooking appliances in one place with an over the range microwave. A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance but sometimes giving up counter space isn't an option. With an over the range microwave, the reliable reheater is installed above your cooking range, typically on a back wall and in between the kitchen cabinets. These two-in-one appliances ventilate smoke and odors from cooking while heating up leftovers or popping popcorn. Proper ventilation also reduces cooking residue that can cling to cabinets and appliances, which makes them harder to clean. Samsung over the range microwaves combine modern features with quiet functionality for an enjoyable user experience. In capacities ranging from 1.7 to 2.1 cubic feet, you can cook a variety of meals without sacrificing convenience.

Samsung over the range microwaves do much more than reheat leftovers. Over the range microwaves are designed to also function as an exhaust vent above your cooktop to keep the air in your home fresh and fight lingering odors. They replace a traditional range hood so that your ventilation system can also help you prepare meals. Whether you have limited space or want to keep your counters clear, these microwaves are a useful addition to your kitchen. These Samsung microwaves have multiple fan speeds to properly ventilate odors from fragrant garlic to briny shellfish. Eliminating smoke, steam, and odors helps maintain good air quality in your home and contributes to an overall clean feel. The smoke and smells are pushed outside so you can breathe easy.

Samsung over the range microwaves are loaded with features that give you greater flexibility when cooking. There are convection models that can microwave, bake, broil, and roast all in one appliance. Additionally, Samsung offers over the range microwaves that have sensor cooking, a feature that adjusts the cooking time to the type of food you're heating for the best results. Their convenient turntables rotate your food as it cooks for even heating. Built-in cooktop lighting illuminates your rangetop so you can see what you're doing. These Samsung microwaves are designed to perfectly fit in your home. They are available in black, white, and stainless steel colors with optional fingerprint resistant finishes to beautifully match your other appliances. These microwaves all have similar dimensions so you can choose your favorite without worrying about space limitations. If you want your microwave to truly sit flush to your cabinetry, Samsung has models without handles for the most streamlined finish possible. Remember that there must be at least 16 inches between the bottom of the microwave and the top of the range.

We're here to help you buy your next favorite appliance. If you are new to over the range microwaves, our microwave buying guide offers comparisons between the different styles of microwave. If you already own an over the range microwave, we can also help you replace it with a new Samsung model. If you want a specific product recommendation, give our kitchen appliance experts a call at 800-860-3577.

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