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Slow Cookers: Convenient Cooking for Busy Cooks

Slow cookers are a great appliance to have on hand whether you're a novice home chef or a busy working parent. These countertop appliances are incredibly easy to use: most recipes simply require you to dump in your prepared ingredients and turn on the cooker. Food can cook on low for hours so dinner is ready as soon as you walk through the door. Depending on which model you choose, you set the timer via buttons and an LCD display screen or by turning a dial. Standard settings include high, low, and warming options but if you want a slow cooker with all the bells and whistles, there are also models with a simmer feature. As they don't require a lot of technical skill, home cooks of all levels can enjoy delicious, flavorful meals without ordering takeout. Slow cookers are great at cooking a variety of foods like chili, tender shredded chicken, cheesy dips, or even desserts. They cook food low and slow so meat is tender, cheese is melty, and cake is moist. There are a plethora of slow cooker recipes from your favorite food bloggers and cookbooks available if you need inspiration for your next dinner. Whether you're looking for your new favorite vegetarian chili recipe or an indulgent dessert to treat your family, you can easily find hundreds of delicious dishes to cook in your new kitchen gadget. Even better, slow cookers let you easily cook large quantities of food at one time so you'll have leftovers so you can skip cooking lunch or dinner for days in a row. Between the no-fuss cooking and plenty of leftovers for lunch, this gadget is a must-have for people constantly on the go.

Not only are slow cookers easy to use—they're also easy to clean. In most models, the removable pot inside is dishwasher safe so the only thing you have to wash yourself is the glass lid. For particularly caked-on messes, you can also fill the cooker with water and baking soda and run on low for an hour. With a gentle scrubbing brush, food particles will easily wash away. As for the outside, simply wiping down with a damp cloth after each use is enough. See-through lids make it easy to keep an eye on your food as it cooks so you don't have to open the lid, which would let heat escape and affect cooking. They also don't take up much space whether you store them on your countertop or inside a cabinet. There are also different capacity options so if you want a more compact unit, choose a 3.5 quart cooker rather than a 6.5 quart. With offerings from classic kitchen brands like KitchenAid, you'll love your new appliance no matter which one you choose. If you're new to the world of slow cooking, it's normal to have questions. Luckily, we've written a handy slow cooker buying guide that outlines the features and benefits of these compact cookers. You can also give our kitchen experts a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more.

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