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Sony Headphones

Sony Headphones

Commonly recognized as one of the largest names in the electronics, entertainment, AV, and gaming industries, Sony began in the US with just one radio. Since then, they've expanded their empire, selling products like OLED TVs, cameras, and gaming consoles across the globe. but they never stray far from their roots in audio technology. Get an earful of what's made them famous with Sony headphones.

Wired Headphones

Enjoy the classic audio experience that's always easy to use (and find) with wired Sony headphones. These devices come in a variety of structures and fits, ranging from the large over-ear headset to the ever-popular wired earbuds. Before making a decision on which gadget is right for you, consider what you'll be using them for. Are you looking for a set that boosts your bass with every beat? Or are you searching for on-the-go earbuds that can plug into your laptop to catch online classes fast? Make sure you get what you need—and not what you don't. And with no need to stop and charge, the beat goes on and on.

Wireless Headphones

Let's say you're over the whole "wired" thing. Maybe your phone doesn't even have a plugin for the cord anymore, and you need a device that will connect via Bluetooth® technology. Don't worry—these days, there are wireless devices that are tailored to fit any situation. Noise-cancelling, sports-focused, bass-boosted or surround sound. Even large over-ear models are wireless, keeping transportation easy and eliminating any tangling wires. Charges last for hours depending on the model, making these wireless Sony headphones the obvious choice for everyday music and TV lovers.

Truly Wireless Headphones

For subtle audio devices that are nearly unseeable, check out Truly Wireless headphones. These completely un-wired devices sit inside the ear and are great for sports and fitness. Go for a run, hit the elliptical, and pump some iron all while listening to your best workout playlist (or your ancient history podcasts—no judgment here).

Boost your Truly Wireless game with Sony headphones that go even farther. These models come in noise-canceling variants, making it easy to go from crunch time to nap time anywhere. Charging is a breeze too--these little guys have a long battery life, lasting a full nine hours without needing to go back in their case. Out of power and need more music? Put those earbuds back in the case for a quick ten-minute charge. You'll get a whole extra hour of noise-canceled music.

Lend Us Your Ears

Not quite sure which Sony headphones are best for your lifestyle? Do some research from home and check out our Headphones buying guide for earphones, or give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our sound experts are always ready to help you pick out the device that works best for you. Got your eye on one, but you're still not sold? Or are you stuck between two or three options, and having a hard time choosing? Head into the store to try them out yourself. See (and hear) how our sonic experience stacks up.

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