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Traeger Outdoor Kitchen

Find the Best Traeger Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Whether your backyard cooking station looks like a patio table beside the best Traeger grill for you or a fully-equipped backyard island (complete with compact refrigerator and bar), there's one thing every outdoor kitchen needs: a flavorful barbecue. And when it comes to flavor, no grill does it quite like these barbecue experts.

These engineers of savory woodsy aroma created the first wood pellet barbecues over 30 years ago in 1986. Back then, Joe Traeger spent his days tinkering with a smoker in the small town of Mt. Angel, Oregon. It was here that he created a device that looked a lot like a traditional smoker, but functioned with new technology and burned natural aroma-infused fuel. This first pellet BBQ was powered by electricity and burned wood pellets at variable speeds. The changeable speed meant that the BBQ could cook low and slow or sear at higher temperatures. These days, their invention has taken the barbecue world by storm, and the best Traeger grills are moving into many outdoor kitchens.

Mix and Match Flavors

While the best Traeger grill will be a welcome guest in your outdoor kitchen, the true star of the show is the fuel. Choose wood pellets that will enhance your recipe's natural aromas—like sweet apple for pork roasts, smoky hickory with chicken, and strong mesquite with beef ribs. Pull out your collection of recipes and start pairing foods with their new fuels. And if you're not sure which ingredients go with what, you can always reach for a classic signature blend. The blend is usually made up of two or more types of fuel for a rich, balanced flavor that complements just about anything you throw on the grates, from delicate fish filets to veggies and even desserts.

A Freestanding Tradition

There is one thing outdoor kitchen designers may find difficult about the best Traeger grills—there aren't many models that come built-in to your countertop. Instead, your freestanding cooker will live right alongside your built-in appliances like griddle and pizza ovens. And it's okay if this barbecue stands alone. Many models come with their own built-in shelves, providing an easy space to stash things like spices and sauces. Prefer to have a more spread-out prep space? Consider turning that counter space you would have used for a built-in BBQ into a food preparation area. Spread out here with cutting boards, bowls, knives and tongs, especially if you're making a complicated dish. Cook low and slow here, or whip up something quick for a weeknight dinner and turn up the heat. No matter what you make, know that it'll taste the best it can thanks to your flavorful wood pellet barbecue.

Need Help Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Find the best Traeger grill for your home at Abt. If you're not sure which one will fit perfectly in your outdoor kitchen, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. Alternatively, come into the store to talk to us in person, and get a look at some of these cookers out on the floor.

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