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Universal Remote Controls

Universal remote controls consolidate the command functions for all your electronics into one device. No more having multiple remotes or apps to manage your tech devices. With these controllers, you can control all programmable devices such as your home theater, cable and satellite boxes and A/V components in the kitchen or bedrooms. Depending on how the remote sends and receives commands, it can control devices through walls and cabinet doors so that you don't have to be in the same room.

Access Multiple Devices in Your Home

Certain electronic brands have different command codes; therefore, your remote needs to have programmable codes to operate those brands. Some remotes contain up to 15 pre-programmed manufacturer codes to operate multiple devices from a single unit so you can use a single controller for everything. If the code isn't preinstalled, you can use a USB port that connects to your PC, allowing you to download command codes onto your clicker. The most sophisticated remotes offer a LCD touchscreen with many of these clickers allowing you to customize the button layout and icons to access the functions you need easily. In addition, the remote may allow voice commands and a joystick for directional commands. Some brands come with a smartphone and tablet app to allow greater accessibility. This system utilizes a hub that connects your home theater and other smart devices to your WiFi network. Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, with speakers, smart plugs, home security cameras, smart locks, thermostats, smart lighting and smart appliances to enhance your home. These devices can use a home wifi network to receive commands and send data. With just a few taps on your universal controller, you can turn on the bedroom lights, adjust the thermostat, activate your coffeemaker, or start a playlist on your audio system.

However, there are many different types of universal remote controls and they connect to devices differently. The most popular ways to connect to other devices are through IR (infrared) and radio frequency (RF). An IR remote needs to be pointed at the other device because it is sending a signal, while the other device needs to receive that data to perform the function. In contrast, RF signals are designed to extend the universal IR remote control operating range from 30 feet to 100 feet, which means the signal can penetrate cabinets and walls. Using a universal control base, it can convert your remote's RF signal into an IR signal. Now you'll have the ability to increase the volume of your home-theater stereo from your bedroom stairs. As technology has advanced, these clickers have increased the number of functions and devices they can manage. Some universal remotes can learn commands for wirelessly controlled lights. Using the control base, you can turn any device with RF into a piece of technology that the universal remote controls can control.

Get Universal Remote Controls from Abt

Today's remote does a lot more than simply control your TV. With this remote, you can consolidate multiple controllers into one and access the functions of various technologies in your home. Whether you're looking for a simple IR remote or need a control base to act as a hub to convert different signals, Abt has it all. We offer a variety of remote controls and base stations to choose from. Access your home theater and other A/V components from one place. If you have any questions, call an Abt expert today at 800-860-3577 or visit our Glenview retail store.

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