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Gaming Headsets Give You a Competitive Advantage

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Hear Every Detail with a Gaming Headset

Make sure you can hear every command on the battlefield with a high-quality gaming headset from Abt. Video games are multi-sensory experiences and game audio relays information you can't get from the screen alone. It fully immerses you in the game world, affecting both your heart rate and your breathing. And the best gaming headsets elevate the experience to even greater heights.

Important Features of Gaming Headphones

Like any headphones, the best gaming headsets offer incredible sound quality, but comfort is every bit as important. It's hard to stay immersed in the game with a headset that's rubbing you the wrong way. And even minor discomfort can lead to major headaches during long gaming sessions. Look for gaming headphones with plenty of padding on the headband and around the ears for maximum comfort.

For even greater comfort, consider a wireless gaming headset. Especially important for console gamers, wireless headsets give you the freedom to sit wherever you'd like without cables becoming trip hazards for housemates or pets. Plus, wireless gaming headsets let you jump out of your seat in celebration or defeat without yanking your console off its shelf.

PC gamers are more likely to sit directly next to their computer. So wireless gaming headsets aren't quite as important for them. But if you've ever stood up from your gaming chair and felt the tug from the cable attached to your head, you know how convenient wireless gaming headsets can be. Plus, battery life is less of a concern, as you're probably close enough to your PC to charge while you play.

For the ultimate gaming experience, look for wireless gaming headsets with surround sound. These models let you hear enemy footsteps sneaking up from behind you or a teammate calling for help to your left or right. As impressive as stereo headsets can be, surround sound headsets make it feel like you're really in the middle of the action.

Finally, make sure the gaming headphones you choose have the connection options you need. Some models are compatible with PC gaming as well as all of the major consoles. But there are a number of gaming headphones that only support a single device, be that a PC, console, or VR headset. And if the wireless gaming headsets you're interested in uses a USB dongle, make sure you have a spare port.

Ask the Experts for Gaming Headset Help

We know that selecting the perfect gaming headphones can be complicated. If you have questions or need suggestions, give our gaming experts a call at 800-860-3577. We carry an array of great-sounding models like the SteelSeries Arctis and JBL Quantum lines. So we're sure to have a model that fits your needs, budget, and style.

If you already know what you're looking for, order from out above selection today to get a leg up on the competition!

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