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In-Wall Air Conditioners

The summer heat can get intense, so keep cool all season long with a wall air conditioner. There are different AC models to choose from. Some units are portable so they can be moved from room to room to beat the heat. Window models get installed at the beginning of the warm weather season and then removed in the fall. A wall unit, on the other hand, gets installed once and stays in all year round. There's no struggle to get the unit in and out of the window twice a year. Wall units also create a tight seal to keep cool air in. Abt has wall air conditioners from trusted brands such as Frigidaire, Friedrich, GE, and LG.

Wall units come in different sizes so make sure you get the right size for your needs. Some work well for large rooms and can even cool down small apartments. Sometimes multiple units help cool down a house or condo unit. They can be used in combination with window units or portable models. With three cooling and fan speeds, you can set the unit for specific room conditions. Remote control lets you keep comfy on the sofa or in bed while you adjust the levels up or down. Choosing one with a removable, washable air filter means you can keep it clean for maximum efficiency. You'll know when it's time to clean it when the filter check reminder light goes on.

Great Features Benefits

One feature Abt customers enjoy is the 3-in-1 operation capabilities of some wall air conditioners. This provides three options for keeping cool and dry. Enjoy powerful cooling power with cool mode which also acts as a dehumidifier. The fan mode circulates the air around the room and the dry mode is perfect for rainy days. A 24-hour on/off timer lets you set 24 hours of operation in any mode. To save money on electric bills, look for an ENERGY STAR® certified model. A wall AC unit means you can open and close all windows easily which is something window units prevent. You can install a wall unit yourself, but you can also trust the professionals at Abt to cut the hole and insert the wall sleeve. Wall air conditioners provide a seal around the appliance. When installed with a wall sleeve, drafts are prevented from entering during colder weather and less cool air can escape. Wall units are more affordable than central air conditioning too. Make sure you buy the right model for your cooling needs. We have units with cooling BTUs ranging from 6,100 to over 15,000 for maximum cooling power.

Find New Wall Air Conditioners

Check out our Air Conditioner Buying Guide for more tips and information. If you still have questions about which wall AC unit is right for you, give us a call at 800-860-3577. Our wall air conditioning experts are standing by ready to help you get the model that will keep you cool all summer long.

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    I've been waiting for 3 months for a local audio store to get my equipment in. If I didn't shop with Abt, I'd still be waiting. Abt was able to fulfill my order AND ship it to me very quickly.
    Donnie D. - Saint Joseph, MO
    November 2, 2021