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From weeknight dinners to holiday feasts, wall ovens are a cornerstone of any kitchen. Whether you're baking, broiling, roasting or even air frying, your favorite meals will come together easily. From appetizers to dessert, wall ovens are able to cook each course of the meal. These sleek, built-in appliances save space in your kitchen while also adding major cooking space. Available in single and double options, they use vertical space so you can cook large meals without taking up additional space in your home. Additionally, if you find that stooping down to remove food from a range is difficult for you, you'll love the higher installation of these appliances. Abt's selection of wall ovens includes models from your favorite brands, whether you're loyal to a certain company or want to upgrade to a luxury appliance. There are so many great features available now, from all kinds of cooking modes to smart connectivity. In addition to standard features like bake, broil and roast, we also carry options with trendy air frying or reliable True European convection. Smart ovens are a great choice for tech lovers and busy people, enabling you to control and monitor cooking progress from the brand's corresponding smartphone app.

Single vs. Double Ovens

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is if one of our single wall ovens or double wall ovens is better for your kitchen. There are several factors to consider when making your decision. How often do you cook? Do you live alone or do you have a spouse and kids to cook for? Do you entertain often? If you cook less often or live alone, the space in a single oven may be sufficient for you. They're also the better choice if wall or cabinet space is at a premium in your home. However, if you typically host Thanksgiving dinner for your family or love throwing dinner parties, the double-duty cooking of a double oven is a better option. These models make it easy to cook dinner and dessert at the same time without cross-contamination. Fortunately, choosing a single versus a double doesn't mean sacrificing features, whether you're looking for a WiFi-connected option or one with built-in air frying capabilities. No matter which size you choose, you'll be able to choose from a variety of finishes including black, white and classic stainless steel. You also need to consider whether you need gas or electric; if you're remodeling or moving into a new home, the choice is yours.

To get the most out of your new kitchen appliance, proper maintenance is a must. Protect your investment by cleaning the inside of your oven regularly or any time you've cooked a particularly messy meal. Luckily, most wall ovens have different self cleaning features, with many eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. However, you should also occasionally clean your oven yourself. If you need additional guidance, we've also curated an oven buying guide to help you make a purchase. For further assistance and product recommendations, you can also call our appliance specialists at 800-860-3577.

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