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Abt Reusable Water Bottles

Abt's selection of reusable water bottles and carafes offers options for the home, office, and everywhere in between. At a time when being environmentally conscious has never been more important, it's no secret that the role plastic water bottles play is hurting our environment. A reusable water bottle can save you precious time and money.

Think Green

Using a reusable water bottle is beneficial to both you and the environment. Every time you refill one of these water bottles, you are keeping another plastic bottle from potentially ending up in a landfill. The glass water bottle assortment from Takeya offers bottles of various sizes, with colorized silicone covers to match your style. At home, before filling your water bottle, filter the water through a ZeroWater carafe for crisp, clean water you'll love drinking.

Ditch Plastic Bottles for Good

Staying well hydrated is integral to your health, and it's common to see people toting water bottles instead of grabbing a soft drink from the vending machine. This is a great habit, but when that water bottle still comes from a vending machine, it's harmful to both your wallet and the environment. Instead, invest in a reusable glass water bottle from Abt! A glass water bottle is sturdy enough for hundreds of reuses, doesn't impart any funky plastic taste to your water, and best of all doesn't cost anything to reuse. Buy it once and use it all year. In conjunction with a water-filter carafe from Zerowater, you'll save hundreds of dollars on clean water and keep countless plastic water bottles from the waste stream.

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  • Always a great experience dealing with Abt. I live in Colorado now and still order from them because they just are the best to deal with.
    Lesa W. - Windsor, CO
    August 1, 2021