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What Every Wired Customer Needs Right Now

By Corinne White

What type of customer comes to Abt Electronics?

We're different from most retailers because we attract a wide audience. For example, we sell stoves for $199 to $38,000, and LCD TVs can run from $100 to $20,000. But we pride ourselves in treating every customer the same way and providing a great experience.

What are some hot-ticket items this holiday season?

After Apple launched its iPad, other companies began following suit with tablet computers-the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is due out before the end of the year; others by Blackberry, Toshiba and HP will launch in 2011. It's too big to be a phone and too small to be a computer, but it's a technology that gives the user instant gratification.

Anything new and exciting coming out?

Advanced HDTVs are picking up steam. In 2011 we'll see more computer-like sets with internet capabilities, widgets, apps and 3-D TVs, which is exciting. Right now, I like the Samsung 55" Series 8 LED HDTV ($2,897)