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CEMA/NAB Digital Television

HDTV Development

  1. Advanced TV System Committee (ATSC)-(1982) Congress
  2. FCC Advisory Committee-(1987)
  3. FCC call for proposals-(1988)
  4. Grand Alliance: Best Digital Systems Combined (1993)
  5. FCC adopts ATSC-recommended DTV Standard (1996)

DIGITAL TV(DTV) -umbrella term used to describe the new digital television system adopted by the FCC in December of I 996.


  1. Transmits via computer code vs.analog
  2. Digital technology transmits I 9.4 megabits per second in a 6 megahertz band
  3. Delivers picture twice as good
  4. Digital surround sound

HDTV will do this and more.

High Definition TV (HFTV)

  1. Resolution: Vertical display resolution.72Q progressive, 1080 interlace, or higher
  2. 16:9 aspect ratio
  3. Audio will reproduce or have~outputs for Dolby Digital.
  4. Receiver: all ATSC Table Ill formats. Only these sets will get HDTV logo

Standard Definition TV (SDTV)

  1. Display lower than HD1V There is no standard.
  2. Aspect ratio not standardized
  3. Audio may be stereo, mono, or dolby pro logic
  4. Receivers all ATSC Table Ill Format

HDTV Product-availability from Proscan, RCA, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Zenith
Pricing 6000 to 70,000
Set top from 1600 to 3000
RCA in May $700.00

Two major groups will purchase

  1. Technology enthusiasts
  2. TV addicts

DTV is projected to be in 30% of all homes by the year 2006. 666,000 will be purchased within the first year.

Unity motion Will be broadcasting this month, sporting events and movies. Chicago stations WMAQ, WBBM, WGN ET will start to broadcast on May 1st, 1999. They will broadcast several ways.