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Abt Valentine's Day

Still looking for fun and interesting Valentine's Day gifts to share with your readers?

The experts at Abt (Abt.com), one of the nation's largest independent electronics and appliance retailers, have done the legwork and made their recommendations for this year's top gifts that say "I love you" in a way only red-colored electronics and appliances can.

Abt Electronics' Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations:

  1. Loop Red iPod Nano Watch Band - Jewelry is always a go-to Valentine's present but not always in the budget. The Loop iPod Nano band effortlessly combines technology and fashion into a single watch all for one low price.

  2. Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker- There's nothing more romantic than a special move night in with popcorn. This popcorn maker pops up to 10 cups in fewer than five minutes so there's less prep time and more movie time.

  3. Nikon COOLPIX S4100 14MP Digital Camera This stylish 14.0 megapixel digital camera will take your significant lover's breath away - just like when you saw the price tag.

  4. Sony E-Reader PRST1RC Bookworms like books but they'd love a portable library for V-Day. The paperback-thin e-reader features Wi-Fi access to more than two million titles and 2GB of internal memory.

  5. Le Creuset 2qt Heart Casserole Nothing symbolizes eternal love more than a heart-shaped casserole dish that comes with a 101-year warranty. Built to last, this enameled cast-iron Le Creuset casserole is perfect for baking and serving for the many romantic meals to come.