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When it comes to security, there's no brand as dialed in as the lock masters at Kwikset. Their iconic and innovative keypad locks make it easy for you to get into your space and nearly impossible for anyone else to do the same. The engineers at the brand have been making these seals and keys for over 75 years, with an emphasis on staying ahead of the game. Their latest endeavors have focused on smart versions that are easily programmable and can even work with voice assistants as well as apps. All of the technology and all of the hardware combine to make one reality: a safer space for you and everyone in your household.

SmartKey: The Next Generation of Home Security

Kwikset's collection of smart products expands as modern protection moves. The brand's products shown Abt are the models that deliver SmartKey technology, a protection method that works to prevent both lock picking and bumping—those two protections help prevent a majority of break-ins.

Things get more and more intelligent, too. The newest locks by this brand are made to be used just with smartphones, allowing users to keep track of who comes in and who goes out with the app. That way, you're able to know exactly what time the kids get in (even if they've been out too late). And that way, you'll know your Abt home security is perfectly handled by Kwikset. Depending on what models you choose, your Kwikset product could be even more intelligent. With the help of virtual assistants, you could seal and unseal your door with just a word or phrase, especially with Google assistant products. That makes these locks the perfect products to help get your smart home up and running.

Don't think that these intelligent locks are all smart and no strength, though: these models truly have it all. Explore deadbolt versions that require physical keys as well as a keyed code. Encrypted protection ensures that a break-in will be as unlikely as possible. Explore models that are beloved by experts, bearing the America National Standards Institute's Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association grade 2 certified mark—the only organizations that truly and professionally judge a lock's professional quality. Use Kwikset security devices on every entryway in your home, in combination with outdoor cameras for a space that's truly protected. Front doors, back doors, side doors and more: You'll know that every entryway is on completely closed—that is, until a family member comes back. Then, all they have to do is turn the key, enter the code or just use their smartphone to come right in.

Take Home Protection Seriously with Kwikset

Safety is nothing to sweep under the rug: that's why Abt's protection specialists prefer Kwikset and suggest it for personal home protection for many. Explore your options with our team of experts at 800-860-3577. We're here to help you create a customized solution that best meets your needs: create your own Abt custom protection security.