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Columbus Day Savings - Save Throughout The Site

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Office Of The Glenview Village President

April 29, 2011

Dear Bob and Mike:

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Abt Electronics, founded Abt Radio in 1936, I am very pleased to add my congratulations to the many I'm sure you will be receiving throughout 2011.

The family-owned, independent business is a rarity today. One that out-maneuvers its competitors and distinguishes itself as a leader in a highly competitive industry is even rarer. One that builds its success over three generations, while maintaining close connections to family, customers, and community is in a class by itself.

As a community which shares values, Glenview is honored to be the home of Abt Electronics today, 75 years after it was founded by Jewel and David Abt in Chicago. On behalf of the board of Trustees and the staff of the Village of Glenview, I offer our sincere congratulations for 75 years of business achievement and exemplary corporate citizenship.


Kerry Cummings
Kerry Cummings' Signature

Kerry Cummings
Village President