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Office Of The Better Business Bureau

March 23, 2011

To our friends at Abt:

On behalf of the Better Business Bureau it is my sincere pleasure to congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of your business. This is an outstanding achievement, and a credit to every one of the Abt family members and each of the employees that your family has guided and mentored throughout the year.

Recognizing a Chicago-area company for being in business three-quarters of a century is an honor. Any company that has survived and thrived during a period of depression, recessions, wars, as well as dramatic social and cultural changes deserves recognition for its business acumen.

I am sure that when Jewel and David Abt first opened Abt Radio, as your business was then called on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, they did not envision a business that would sustain itself, the family, and its many employees through these years. The continuing success of Abt is a testament to the values and education Jewel and David instilled in their family. It is truly impressive to see a family-owned and operated business with the quality of Abt successfully continue.

Allow me to also congratulate you on 2011 being your 35th anniversary as an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. Abt has been a very valued member of the BBB for nearly half of its time in business. For your continued support, we thank you. For your continued business success, we honor you.

Congratulations and our best wishes to everyone in the Abt family.


Steve J. Bernas
Steve J. Bernas' Signature

Steve J. Bernas
President & Chief Executive Officer