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A new way to look at—and listen
to—home theater.
The VideoWave system merges sound and picture
like never before, delivering cinematic performance
from invisible speakers built into an HD display. But
it also delivers more. This single, integrated system
eliminates a roomful of speakers, wires and
complexity. And notable advances make it
the easiest system ever from Bose.
Home theater performance. No speakers in sight.
entertainment system
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  delivery and setup in your home.
Deep effects and low notes
Award-winning waveguide technology is built directly into
the video display, delivering resounding low notes and 
dramatic sound effects. Unmistakable impact, with no extra 
speaker or subwoofer needed.
Wide, spacious soundstage
Experience acoustic detail and spaciousness well beyond
the screen—in places where there are no speakers.
Proprietary PhaseGuide™ and array technologies make it
all happen.
Consistent sound throughout your room
Place your system wherever you wish. The ADAPTiQ® audio
calibration system ensures the best sound possible for your
room; it recognizes room size, shape, even furniture, and 
automatically adjusts the sound.

Unmatched simplicity

Single-system ease
The VideoWave system removes home theater complication by putting everything
in one place.The innovative built-in sound
technologies mean there are no speakers 
to painstakingly wire and position. 

Your sources—Blu-ray player, cable box,
video game system—all connect
to one console, which can be hidden away.
No clutter, no confusion.

Plus, you'll control it all, from your DVR
to your iPod®, with a single remote. It's
all part of the Unify® intelligent integration
system, designed to make home theater
easier today, and when adding sources
in the future.
A new world of control
The click pad remote
Controlling a home entertainment system
has never been this graceful—or simple.
Introducing an innovative new remote with
fewer buttons and an easy-to-use click pad.
The buttons are for those things you do
most, like adjusting volume or changing

Everything else is as easy as touch, glide,

Just touch the pad with your thumb, glide
around and click to make a selection.
Anything you can control appears right on
your HD screen, displayed alongside
whatever you're watching. You'll never have
to look away from the screen or
fumble around for a button.

Video and audio integration
1080p HD picture and Bose®
sound. Together.
The vibrant visuals of a 46" HD screen
with the excitement of Bose home theater
audio. It's a seamless, elegant fusion, a
single system that eliminates the need to
wire or place speakers.
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