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AfterShokz takes portable audio to a whole new level with their bone conduction technology. Offering advantages that traditional speaker-based systems can only dream of, the lineup of headphones does things differently and the results are easy to see and hear. From the AfterShokz Aeropex model at the top of the range to the titanium-infused Trex, there’s a style and sound for everyone. Take your time and open up all available options for your audio with our exclusive Headphones Buying Guide.

Good Vibrations, Great Sound

What makes AfterShokz special is the way that sound is produced. Traditional headphones and earbuds use small speakers to move air and make waves that vibrate your eardrum, allowing you to hear the sound. AfterShokz skips the eardrum entirely and sends the vibrations straight to your middle and inner ear. This takes advantage of the fact that there are tiny bones inside the ear that can be used to transmit audio, using your body's own natural skill of transmitting sound through its bones. Have you ever heard intense sounds inside your head when eating crunchy foods or grinding your teeth? That's bone conduction at work naturally. Harnessing this human talent has allowed AfterShokz to create an entire new product category.

Benefits of Bone Conduction

AfterShokz work in a way that is different from regular headphones, and their design reflects this as well. Since the eardrum isn't a part of the equation, earbuds in your ear canal or big headphone cups covering your ears are a thing of the past. In fact, your ears stay open, with nothing in or on them. The bonus of this is immediately apparent - you can hear your music but also other sounds around you. Exercising outdoors while maintaining awareness of your surroundings is easy, and the safety factor is an awesome addition. With a lightweight design, IP67 water and dust resistance, and up to eight hours of battery life, AfterShokz has put advanced features into a compact package. Whether you're on your favorite piece of exercise equipment or running through the great outdoors, AfterShokz has you covered. Though not rated as an assistive hearing device, individuals with certain types of hearing loss will benefit from the bone conduction technology bypassing some of the human hardware normally involved in listening.

An Audio Experience That is Truly Unique

Superb sound combined with situational awareness, all-day comfort and rugged construction make AfterShokz a compelling contender in the headphone market. By using your body to bring the audio to your brain, an entirely new experience has been created. Paired with a portable audio device or smartphone, AfterShokz gives you great sound on the go. Backed by a two year warranty, you’ll have the confidence to take them anywhere. The Audio Experts at Abt can tune you into the perfect products and answer any questions at 800-860-3577. Our Low Price Guarantee will make sure you get the best tech at the best prices. Listen to your audio in an amazing new way with AfterShokz, available at Abt!

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