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Creators of award-winning microphones for audio professionals, musicians and consumers. Sound Perfected.

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Award-Winning Audio from Blue Microphones

From veteran content creators to those just starting out, Blue Microphones has something for everyone. Their lineup of award-winning microphones combine cutting-edge technology with sleek design that looks great on your desk or home recording studio. For over twenty years, Blue Microphones has created audio accessories for those who stream, create, and record, whether you game on Twitch, make YouTube videos, have a podcast, or something else altogether. If you're looking to enter the world of content creation, chances are some of your favorite content creators already use Blue Microphones equipment. Their audio equipment is even used by professional musicians and on the sets of some of the most popular TV shows. Blue products are divided into several categories including game streaming, YouTube, podcasting, recording music, and working from home, but many of their microphones can fulfill different tasks. So if you're a busy multi-hyphenate, you don't have to buy three different Blue microphones to get your work done—unless you want to, of course. With the right microphone, you can record vocals, instruments, podcasts, interviews, and voiceovers from a single device. Their microphones come in several styles including the popular Yeti and Snowball USB microphone families. Blue levels the playing field by making professional recording equipment at a great value so you can launch your YouTube channel or record an album without breaking the bank.

The First Professional USB Microphones

Not everyone has access to a professional recording space; that doesn't mean you can't produce professional-quality content, though. Blue created the Yeti, the industry's first professional USB microphone, to give musicians and content creators access to professional-grade recording without having to rent studio space. Yeti models are designed for versatility and are particularly great for recording music but they offer huge quality in a small package. With a Blue Yeti microphone, you'll enjoy superior audio quality whether you're recording musical instruments or on a conference call with clients. The plug-and-play design of their Snowball microphones makes them easy to use, even for users who have never used a professional microphone before. A popular choice for podcasters and vloggers, these microphones can plug into your desktop at home or your laptop on the go. Their fun, unique design is just another plus. It also makes it easy to work with others; if you're going to a friend's house to record guitar while they record vocals, all you have to do is take your microphone with you, no additional software or equipment needed. Depending on which of Blue's iconic microphones you purchase, you can enjoy multiple polar patterns including cardioid, omnichannel, or bidirectional modes. Each pattern has its own benefits for different types of recording. Cardioid is great for solo podcasting or singing; omnidirectional is useful in home studios or rooms with good acoustics; bidirectional is great for co-hosting a podcast or conducting an interview. No matter which microphone you choose, know that you're getting industry-leading sound quality that you can rely on. If you have questions about any of our products from Blue Microphones, visit our Glenview retail store or call our experts at 800-860-3577. If you're new to the world of content creation, check out our blog post on the essential tools for beginning vloggers.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Delivery was on time and installation was very professional!
Jonthan A. - Carmel, MI
May 15, 2023