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BlueParrott: Clear Communication in Every Ear

The BlueParrott brand brings the best of communication to any environment, whether you're making a business call or just telling your spouse you're on the way home. The masters of sound design behind the Blueparrott name have worked to create noise-canceling audio technologies for decades, pushing beyond the competition in every field. With roots that reach back all the way to classic telephone headset systems, the brand is now relied on by innovators in business fields across the world. Truck drivers depend on them for hands-free communication when driving multi-day long routes, while business execs expect to hear crystal-clear communication when dashing between meetings. Whoever you need to talk to, make sure they can hear everything you say with help from BlueParrott.

Top-Tier Noise-Canceling Performance That Travels With You

It seems like you can find great headphones with a mic at any store, but even high-quality earbuds can't block out sound from all sides. That's where BlueParrott steps in. These headsets are designed to cushion the ears completely, ensuring you only hear what's being said to you. And even better, the listener only hears what you're saying. That's thanks to multi-mic technology. In some models, two background-fighting mics work to cancel 80% of noise going on around you. Whether you're crossing a busy street and taking an important business call or standing in line at a busy coffee shop, whoever you're speaking to will hear everything you say crystal clear.

Top-tier business execs, workers and travelers need a battery system that won't let them down, too. A headset that only works for an hour before it needs a recharge isn't of much use when corporate calls can drag on for longer. Keep an eye out for models that can go for a full workday, ten hours or further. Some can even last as long as 14 hours without needing to stop for a charge.

Upgrade to technology that doesn't disconnect easily BlueParrott headsets don't require you to have your cell or wireless device on your person at all times. Instead, feel free to leave it in the car or at your office desk as you wander the building. Some devices can stay connected for a distance as far as 300 feet, meaning you can walk about the home or the yard all while staying connected.

Integrate Powerful, Hands-Free Tech Into Your Lifestyle

Whether you're looking for a manageable solution for your business or hoping to stay connected as you work from home, BlueParrott devices are designed to keep your conversations running. Connect to your devices once and go all day, from Zoom meetings to phone calls and beyond. A comfortable fit ensures you'll be able to wear it all day, too.

Not sure about the best products for your needs, or still have questions about these masters of sound and mic control? You're in the right spot: give our audio and communication experts a call at 800-860-3577 to get personalized assistance. Or come into the store to see what we've got in stock in person. Hoping to pick a phone to pair with your new product? Check out our Cell Phone Buying Guide.

What Our Customers Say About Us

My DVD player arrived on time and was packaged well. This was a birthday present for my husband. He was thrilled!
Yolanda R. - Oceanside, CA
February 20, 2023