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The De'Longhi brand first began in 1975 and quickly went on to achieve massive success with their first product, oil-filled radiators, as they became popular household appliances. With the company's core values of heritage, passion, courage, teamwork, ambition, competence and respect, their brand expanded globally, aiming to provide only the most unique and innovative products for comfort, cleaning and the kitchen. Over the years, they've even branched out, acquiring brands like Kenwood, Braun, Nutribullet and Ariete under their company in order to cater to all domestic needs. While De'Longhi and their other brands' products accommodate many aspects of the household, the heart of their company is coffee machines, as they've become world leaders in the coffee industry with their number one espresso machines. Their coffee products are diverse in their technology and design in order to satisfy all coffee lovers who enjoy a custom cafe drink without having to leave the house. Additionally, De'Longhi's collection of toaster ovens, air fryers, waffle makers and more are all created to make your cooking experience simpler and better. They not only want your food and drinks to taste good; they want you to feel good. How better to accomplish this than by offering efficient appliances for premium air quality and temperature control? Whether it's an air conditioner, dehumidifier, air purifier or heater, De'Longhi has what you need for a cleaner, more relaxing home environment. Their products have a reputation for stylish design, receiving awards like Brand of the Year from World Branding Awards, Reddot design awards and Housewares Design Awards as well.

Turn Everyday Into a Special Day

De'Longhi coffee makers and espresso machines bring the luxury barista experience home to you, with their frothers and assortment of specialty beverages built into their preset systems. Some of their machines accept K-Cups and can even make double cups or varying coffee strengths depending on the flavor profile desired. For increased safety, many also have an auto shut-off feature to reduce your chances of burning grounds or causing an electrical short. If hand washing your appliance seems like a chore, some of these makers have dishwasher-safe parts for easier maintenance. If you're not using a coffee pod because you prefer fresh grounds, De'Longhi has just the coffee grinder for you. With a 14-cup grinding ability and a matching capacity in its storage container, running out of your delicious brew is highly unlikely. Similar to the coffee machines, these grinders also have a wide selection of grind and strength settings and are fairly easy to clean. Just customize the process on the LCD display and you're ready to go.

Curate a De'Longhi collection in your kitchen with their selection of countertop kitchen appliances too. Invest in a De'Longhi waffle maker or toaster oven and make breakfast to pair with your morning beverage. If you're a fan of crispy snacks, De'Longhi has plenty of air fryers and deep fryers to satisfy your salty, crunchy cravings. Enjoy their all-in-one skillets with their own heating elements and large cooking surfaces to make a tasty dinner. Dabble into some low and slow-roasting recipes with a De'Longhi cooker, as they have 3.3 pounds of fresh food capacity, rapid cooking features, a surround heating system and an automatic mixing process. Not sure if De'Longhi products are the right fit for your kitchen? Check out our collection of small appliance buying guides or speak to a member of our team at 800-860-3577 with any questions you may have.