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Generark: Be Ready For Emergencies with Solar Charger Batteries

Severe thunderstorms forecasted all evening, rough winds on the horizon and even multi-day snowstorms are just some of the emergency weather events that can knock out municipal electricity—and in extreme cases, outages can last for days on end. Instead of relying on your slim stock of AA batteries and even lower stock of flashlights, make sure you're ready for the next disaster. A solar charger battery and power station from Generark are both reliable sources you can depend on no matter the weather. Simply prepare your portable backup power station ahead of time, or use the solar charger batteries to fill up cell phones and tablets. Whether you need to contact a family member quickly or work remotely, you'll be able to manage your emergency needs with a little help from solar charger batteries and other electrical solutions from Generark.

Sun-Fueled Solutions

AC-based refillable electricity sources are always a solution to lack of power, but they're only good until they need to be refilled. That's why Generark's solar charger batteries are the perfect solution for emergency situations like floods, fires, tornadoes and snowstorms. A single portable version works to convert the sun's energy 50% more efficiently than traditional models. Meanwhile, a high heat-resistant build ensures that these devices are safe to soak up the sun. Use your solar charger battery to power up your mobile electronics with USB-C and USB-A output ports, or use the sun's energy to fill up a Generark power station.

Long-Lasting Power Stations

The engineers behind Generark have created more than just solar charger batteries. For longer-term emergencies where the lights can't be trusted to come back on quickly, you'll want stored electricity you can depend on. These backup power stations are built to sustain devices for hours with AC outputs built into the bank. Whether you're using a multi-cooker to whip up disaster meals or a laptop and mobile hotspot to finish up a crucial project, simply plug in and go to work. Even keep appliances running—you'll know your stored electricity level at every time thanks to the display. And with the option of dual sunlight panels to keep your station charging, you'll have no trouble keeping your devices going. Once the electricity comes back on, you'll be able to refuel the station from an AC outlet as well.

Be Ready For Anything

You could be building an emergency survival kit or heading into the backwoods and need a way to keep your phone on. Whatever the case, you should have an action plan ready to go. Even if your location rarely receives floods or seasonal fires, you'll want to be prepared for emergencies with help from Generark. Not sure which generator is best for your lifestyle? Give our team of experts a call at 800-860-3577, or head into the store to see our stock in person. Alternatively, do some research from home with our Backup Generator Buying Guide to learn more about what you'll need in an emergency.


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