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Kaleidescape: High Fidelity Film Watching

Kaleidescape: It's not a projector, it's not a screen and it's certainly not a streaming service. The movie server is a true collection of film and designed for full, unfettered home entertainment and uncompromised quality. With a wide spread of entertainment options available on the market today, the modern cinephile must ask themself how they're going to watch their favorite content. And while enjoying an old VHS might sound tempting for nostalgia's sake, the truth is that technology has advanced far beyond that medium, DVDs, Blu-Ray and more. We've even advanced beyond modern film streaming services, and that's where Kaleidescape steps in.

How Is This Server Different From Streaming Platforms?

In a word, quality—and lots of it. Platforms like Netflix and Hulu are filled with compressed content, and that content is considered "lossy". It loses information when it's compressed and sent to be watched. That information is often quality of both video and audio. Kaleidescape uses lossless audio, and is even able to translate higher quality video than a 4K Blu-Ray disc. The new standard for viewing is always moving toward 4K, but in reality, few mediums are able to deliver that in a completely lossless format. Kaleidescape blasts past many streaming services with 4K movies encoded at an average of 65 megabits per second—six times more than a streaming platform can.

Meanwhile, audio is carried over in bit-for-bit lossless quality. You'll hear every booming explosion in the next historical war drama, whispers and laughs in your favorite romance, and experience the true beauty of any movie's moving score. Sweeping orchestras and inspiring vocals should never be cut off or compressed. Hear the best of this film library through a home theater audio system like Dolby Atmos complete with booming woofers and perfectly arranged speakers. You'll keep everything high fidelity, especially when paired with the right kind of projector and projector screen. Whether you enjoy popcorn with the family from a personal home theater or a massive TV screen and sectional, Kaleidescape will elevate your entertainment experience.

However you create your entertainment space, know that you'll be watching the version that's as true to the creator's vision as possible with this high-fidelity library of films and its dedication to quality. You'll enjoy little compression in visual media or audio in over 13,000 titles, including classics from the golden age of Hollywood to beloved animated films of the decade. Equip any of your entertainment spaces with a Kaleidescape system, from your at-home media room to the family lakehouse and beyond. Wherever you roam, make sure your favorite titles are there waiting for you in an unadulterated format.

Still weighing your options and sketching out what your dream home entertainment is meant to look like? Or maybe you're just picking out the finishing touches (and this is one of them). Wherever you are in the process of building out your home, our team of custom AV experts is here to help. Explore Kaleidescape and all of its features with help from Abt specialists at 847-544-2307—we've been helping people across the US to design their home theaters from the ground up for decades, and we're ready to help provide that extra layer of polish with the help of systems like Kaleidescape. Contact Abt's Custom Audio/Video Department to learn more.