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Kamado Joe Premium Ceramic Grills


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Kamado Joe

When it comes to charcoal outdoor cooking, nobody can do it quite like Kamado Joe. These models aren't like other traditional backyard grills: Kamados are made of thick-walled ceramic material for heat that stays locked in, even for long cooks and smoking sessions. The result? Even cooking and delicious bites no matter what you make. From meat masters to fish lovers to veggie kabob crafters, every barbecue enthusiast will love what they can make within their Kamado Joe.

The history of the kamado goes back far, with similar earthen and clay pots being a popular way to cook across Asia in China, Japan and India thousands of years ago. Then the mushikamado came along in Japan, an easy way to make rice with both damper and draft doors—all fired by charcoal. That's the true birth of this cooking method, and Americans stationed in Japan in WWII brought the concept home for a great new way to make food in these new dome-shaped cookers.

Unbeatable Even Heating

Kamado Joe has taken the original idea birthed thousands of years ago and perfected it for amazingly even heating fired by charcoal. It's all thanks to the ceramic build quality and construction: with the thick sides and ceramic coating, these barbecues tend to function more like convection ovens (all with the benefits of charcoal-fired taste). Heat rises, falls and circulates for perfectly even heating. You won't find that in your classic liquid propane grill or natural gas barbecue.

Creative Recipes Made Easily

Kamado Joe grills can do much more than make burgers or steaks. When completely outfitted with the right ingredients (or a knowledgeable barbecuer), you'll be able to craft all kinds of foods with this ceramic smoker. Making pizzas in any way possible is very popular right now: instead of opting for delivery or getting carry out, get the whole family involved with a grilling pizza stone. Toss pie dough, have kids spread their toppings out and close the top. You'll know it's finished when the crust has bubbled and charred perfectly.

Maybe it's time to barbecue, but not on grates. Explore cookware like soapstones and griddles: these are great options for cooking foods that might normally stick to grill bars. They even come in half sizes that remove the threat of cross-contamination. Other must-have accessories include covers: while they might not seem like something you've got to own, they're necessary. These are designed to extend the lifespan of your Kamado Joe, whether you're in stormy weather or experiencing the season's first snow.

If you know exactly which model is the right one for you, buy online for delivery or pickup for fast service from Abt. But if you're still deciding between these grills and another model or fuel type, we're here to help you make the decision. Give our team of expert barbecue masters a call at 800-860-3577 to learn more. If you'd rather do your own research online, check out our Learn Center's grill buying guide.