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Kenwood Kitchen Appliances

Kenwood Kitchen Appliances at Abt

Complete Your Kitchen With Kenwood at Abt

Kenwood Appliances was founded by Kenneth Maynard Wood in 1947 in England when Wood invented and sold his very first invention: a toaster. The appliance that truly put their brand on the map, though, was their Chef series of stand mixers. Wood created these machines to encourage creativity in cooks and to open up the possibilities in home kitchens. For over 70 years, Kenwood has continued to innovate with their designs in order to maintain their reputation of providing top-performing, high-quality, durable appliances; they've even become the number one brand of kitchen machines in all of Europe. Kenwood now makes a variety of kitchen appliances like food processors, cooking machines, blenders, juicers, kettles and toasters to help home cooks everywhere make incredible meals. At Abt, we are proud to supply Kenwood stand mixers to all home cooks, as they've become a beloved and iconic kitchen piece and offer versatility far beyond baking.

Feed Your Imagination

Kenwood stand mixers have have been tested and proven to have an extremely long lifespan, the product quality lasting the equivalent of baking a cake every week for 300 years. While their mixers have experienced an evolution of technology over the years, they've stayed true to their roots by making all the attachments backward compatible, able to fit on all of their Chef machines dating back to 1976. Currently, Kenwood has eight stand mixer collections. The Cooking Chef XL is the world's first induction stand mixer, able to prep and cook your ingredients in the bowl up to 180°. The Titanium Chef Patissier XL is the ultimate appliance for baking innovation, as it can prove dough and warm the nesting bowl to melt ingredients. The Titanium Chef Baker is similar to the Chef Patissier only more stylish, as the head of the machine is available in multiple colors. The Chef Elite features a folding function that delicately helps mousses and souffles rise. The Chef is the original stand mixer by Kenwood and can meet most basic cooking needs. If you have a bold personality and a kitchen aesthetic to match, the kMix line is ideal as these mixers come in a variety of bright colors. If you're interested in a more compact machine or small-batch cooking, the Prospero+ or MultiOne collections can't be beat.

While all of these mixers offer unique capabilities to accommodate different kinds of cooking, they also share many helpful, high-tech attributes. Some have touchscreens with built-in presets and Kenwood app compatibility. The mixer heads are all built to lift gently, preventing breaking or wear over time. The tools that accompany each mixer are easy to clean and a few even come with a food scale. While your mixer will already have attachments in the box, Kenwood has plenty more to choose from. If you're an avid baker, attachments like dough hooks, beaters, whisks, creamers and biscuit maker metal dies will optimize the process. If you're working with fruits or vegetables, you can invest in a juice extractor or fruit press. If you don't want to manually chop your ingredients, you can use a a slicer, grater, mincer or dicer attachment. If you want to experiment making noodles from scratch, try out the pasta metal die, ravioli maker, lasagna roller or pasta shaper. This is just the beginning of what Kenwood has to offer. To learn more about what you want in an appliance like this, explore our mixer buying guide. All other questions about Kenwood at Abt can be answered by our team at 800-860-3577.