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Discover Japanese Craftsmanship with Kyocera

Japanese craftsmanship is at the forefront of each product Kyocera makes, making them an ideal partner at Abt. Now that you've brought home the best appliances on the market, you need great cutlery to compliment them. Kyocera knives are famously made of a type of ceramic called zirconia, which is manufactured in Japan and known for its advanced hardness. Their selection includes the most popular knives used in kitchens everywhere, from paring knives to multi-use Santoku knives; many also come in an array of colors so you can pick your favorite option or match existing kitchen decor. Abt also offers knife sets from Kyocera for greater value and convenience. With innovation at the forefront, the Japanese brand has established a reputation for attractive, durable products that are trusted in kitchens worldwide. Their products are divided into several different lines, such as Revolution and Innovation, that each offer their own benefits; from technologies to price point, there is a Kyocera blade for every home cook.

Find Your Kyocera Knife

No matter your needs, there is a collection of Kyocera knives for you. The Revolution line is the perfect entry-level option that still offers incredible quality and performance. This series is also dishwasher-safe for chefs who prefer quick cleanup. A step up is the Innovation line, which features a patented ceramic-fused blade. These blades are even sharper and more precise than standard Kyocera blades while also being twice as durable; they go through a process called a "hot-isostatic press" that creates a tougher blade. And for customers looking for the most environmentally-conscious options, there is the Bio Series, which features handles derived from sugarcane for reduced plastic use. Their collection of products includes other kitchen tools and cookware so you can completely revamp your setup for more convenient cooking. Our selection includes a variety of their products so you can mix and match depending on your needs or do a complete overhaul of your kitchen knives with new, ceramic options.

Unlock the Power of Ceramic

Chances are, this is your first experience with ceramic blades. Why are Kyocera knives made of ceramic? There are three main reasons: sharpness, purity and weight. Ceramic is surprisingly sharp and offers superior edge retention—much longer than traditional knives. This material is also impervious to acids, oils and salts while also resisting germs. Ceramic also won't transfer a metallic taste or smell to foods and doesn't rust like other options. Additionally, these knives are about half the weight of typical options with metal blades. This lightweight yet balanced design reduces fatigue while performing repetitive tasks like slicing or dicing, which makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Simply put, this material offers unrivaled efficiency in the kitchen. It's time to upgrade your meal preparation. If you have questions about this ceramic cutlery, please contact our experts at 800-860-3577. You can also visit the Gourmet Shop at our Glenview, IL storefront to see our Kyocera knives on display and experience the difference for yourself.