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Lifeline Fitness

Lifeline Fitness

Create a strength training hub in your own space with expert gear from Lifeline Fitness. While a single elliptical, treadmill or seated bike are a great place to start your cardio and workout regimen, many might leave out some of the most beneficial, whole-body elements from their sweat sessions. Complete your regimen with weight training equipment and home gym systems from Lifeline Fitness. From kettlebells and weight benches to plates and racks, Lifeline Fitness has everything you need to expand your strength training workout and make the most of training at home.

Create a Haven with Home Gyms

Hoping to build your perfect workout space? Like we mentioned before, your at-home workout haven isn't complete without a home gym. These multifunctional benches and racks are the foundation on which to build your better health and sculpt those muscles. If you're setting up your Lifeline Fitness equipment in the basement or garage at home, look for a model optimized for lower ceilings—that way, you'll be able to do everything you need, from lifting to bodywork. Get in your vertical movement as you lift, and adjust the weight on your bar with adjustable weight plates as you excel. Stack on extra plates for more of a burn. Other exercises you can do on some home gyms include pull-ups, weighted squats, lifts and even more vertical exercises. For more basic equipment, start with just a comfortable weight bench and some simple barbels or even an Olympic bar. Expand your collection as you feel ready to speed up the burn.

Kettlebells, Plates & More

While home gyms are some of the best building workout blocks from Lifeline Fitness, there are other ways to start on building muscle. Explore their selection of kettlebells, which provide a different lifting experience than dumbbells alone. These kettlebells are crafted for high-powered performance no matter how you use them. That's all thanks to their well-engineered construction. Each one is made from true iron ore, not scrap metal, with a wide, flat bottom unlike some of the ones you'll see at the gym. That's all to eliminate the chance of careening away when it touches the ground. Use these for presses, lifts, swings and squats. Work your way up from not-so-heavy weights all the way through their library of kettlebells. Users can work with Lifeline Fitness kettlebells to get a cardio and balance workout in, too.

For a different strength-based exercise session, explore Lifeline Fitness' collection of weight training gear like Olympic bars, plates and grip plates for a classic heavyweight experience. These items are made to work with any Olympic standard equipment, making all of these building blocks the foundation of any perfect at-home gym.

If you're looking for something less "weight and strength" focused than the current selection from Lifeline Fitness, you're in the right place. Abt carries a comprehensive collection of fitness equipment from other top names, with gear like rowing machines, ellipticals, treadmills and more. If you're not sure where to start, speak with our experts for customized help at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see some of our selection in person. Hoping to do more research on your own? Check out our home gym buying guide.