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Mobile Pixels at Abt


Mobile Pixels: Portable Laptop Monitors

Hoping for the portability of a laptop, but hate sacrificing the extra functionality that comes with a second (or even a third) permanent monitor? The engineers at Mobile Pixels feel the same way, and it's why they invested their time and talents in developing portable laptop monitors that can travel anywhere. The company's founder, Jack Yao, ran into the same problem and didn't feel that a PC-sized monitor was the solution. Instead, he started modifying elements of an older computer screen he still owned, creating the first prototype for his own dual-screen system. He has found that the expanded workspace helps users to both boost productivity and reduce errors. Instead of only keeping one program open at a time or needing to flip between different tabs, users can multitask freely—all without being tied to a single desk or needing to invest in a fully-fledged desktop. Unleash your workflow with portable laptop monitors from Mobile Pixels.

How It Works—Anywhere

If you've been using an 11- or 13-inch notebook computer for months now, the idea of having a little extra workspace might sound too good to be true. But these smart screen extenders are just that: extra intelligent. The DUEX and TRIO series attach to the back of your device with help from slim magnets. After the device is attached, all you have to do is plug the cord in to your computer (via a USB-C cable or USB-A cable) before sliding the screen out. Thanks to an innovative, extra-strong hinge, users are able to tilt and customize the angle at which they see the portable laptop monitor at up to 270°. Each model is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux systems. And they're not just for computers either: use your extra screen to connect to certain Android devices and even the Nintendo Switch. The larger screen provides better gaming performance, especially when playing with more than one person. If you'll be using your portable laptop monitor detached from your notebook computer, make sure you pick out an accessory kickstand to go along with it. That added flexibility is perfect for multitaskers on the go.

Students, Gamers, Work-From-Home Folks Rejoice

With unmatched functionality and versatility, the adjustable tech from Mobile Pixels is perfectly designed for just about anyone who uses any single-screen technology. Take your workflow with you anywhere, from your local coffee shop to the library to the office. And with a price that rivals bulky standalone models (and double the functionality), Mobile Pixel products are designed to work within any budget.

Need Help Coordinating Your Computer Set Up?

If you're having a hard time managing your WFH productivity or feel like you're missing something with your current technology, you don't have to go it alone. Instead, get expert help from our specialists. Head to the Connect Store in the Abt Atrium to see our cutting-edge equipment in person, or give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. Hoping to learn more about what you'll need in a mobile computer? Check out our Computer Monitor and Laptop Buying Guides to learn more.