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Moft: MagSafe®-Compatible Wallets


    A Removable MagSafe® Wallet, Stand & Case In One: Moft

    There’s nothing better than finding a new, next-gen phone. Pick a future-forward phone case to match with a tri-functional MagSafe® wallet from Moft. The world’s first MagSafe® compatible one, actually. The engineers behind this brand have crafted their soft leather squares to perform in every way imaginable, and all without covering up the entire back of your device. These slim squares magnetize safely and directly to the back of your device. That means there’s no problematic stickiness adhered to a phone that costs hundreds of dollars (and has to be scraped off with oils or credit cards). Instead, you’ve got an easy-to-remove stand that doubles as a wallet and case. Simple, right? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It even doubles as a handle.

    A Flexible Phone Stand

    There’s elegance in simplicity, which is why each of these MagSafe® wallets can perform its job well. Not just one job, actually, but multiple jobs. Store a maximum of three cards or IDs within the folding stand to bring only what you need on the go. No heavy-lifting or messy unfolding is necessary. It’s the perfect pick for students who need to carry IDs everywhere, commuters who need to keep train cards at the ready, and working professionals who don’t need to bring chock-full purses with them everywhere they go. Time for a video call? Unfold your Moft to its upright position and set it on a desk or table. That way, you get the best view of your face, all without needing to crane your neck and hold your arm out for a full half-hour. Switching to streaming mode? Whether you’re watching a movie, TV show or streaming a video game, you won’t have to hold your cell aloft. Instead, pivot the Magsafe® wallet to its side. You’ll be able to lean your device back against the stand, lean yourself back in the chair, and watch to your heart’s content. And when you’re finished traveling, meeting and watching for the day, feel free to slide your Moft case off.

    Vegan Leather Phone Case

    Unlike cases in stand-out colors, Moft MagSafe® wallets are made in neutral hues that accentuate proper, current styles. Look for neutral colors, or opt for a pastel hue instead. Whichever color you choose to match your pocket device, know that it’s made with the good of the environment in mind. These snap-on grips are all made from vegan leather and fiberglass. That gives them the exclusive look of luxury along with a reasonable price that any tech-lover can appreciate.

    Find Yours at Abt

    Not sure which color is best for your cell, or which model is the right size? Instead of guessing at dimensions, materials and versions, reach out to our team of experts. We’ll help you find the perfect model for your device, whether it’s the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the 13 mini, or an older version entirely. Give us a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see what we’ve got stocked in person.

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