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Self-Heating Mugs by Muggo

Self-heating mugs from Muggo have lukewarm beverages on the run. You'll never have to deal with a cold coffee, hot chocolate or tea again. Instead, fall in love with Muggo's warming technology that keeps your beverages at just the right temperature. Instead of relying solely on insulating technologies that drop temperature gradually throughout the day (or the hour), Muggo's battery-powered method keeps what's inside warmed to your desired temperature. Find the self-heating mug that's right for you from Muggo and take it anywhere you need to go, from home to work and beyond, at just the temperature you need.

Warming Technology On-The-Go

Instead of using insulating materials like vacuum-insulated layers to keep cooler temperatures out, the engineers behind the elegant kitchen accessories by Muggo took a different approach. Each mug is rechargeable via included USB-C charging cable for a quick charge. Plug in overnight for a hot drink in the morning that's guaranteed to last. Top off in the morning with your preferred drink, whether that's a delicate green tea, a macchiato complete with latte art or a simple, sweetened chamomile. Turn on the coffee maker or tea kettle, then take your drink on the go.

The true technology that users love is the LED adjustable control system at the bottom of these self-heating mugs. With just a tap, you can adjust the temperature up or down, making your beverage hotter or cooler as needed. If you find you're spending a lot of time out on the patio on a chilly autumn day, you can bump the warming power up a notch. The temperature range on some of these self-heating mugs can go as high as 160°, too, keeping your drinks piping hot. The battery life helps your hot beverage to stay hot all day long, too, with a 4,800 mAH capacity. That can warm what's within for up to three hours;being strategic with how you time your heating routine is a good idea.

Opens With a Touch

This self-heating mug is more than just change temperatures—it's easy to sip from thanks to its one-tap opening system. Touch down on the classic model's lid and watch it open for 360° access. Sip, set down and close with another tap. It's leakproof, too, ensuring that your piping hot coffees won't spill out just when you need them. Each container is BPA-free too— no harmful plastics will find their way into your teas or hot chocolates. And no matter how big your Muggo self-heating mug is, you'll be able to enjoy what's inside down to the last (warm) sip.

If you're not sure that Muggo self-heating mugs are the right ones for you and your needs (whether you're picking one for yourself or giving one as a gift for a birthday or holiday), the collection of kitchen goods in our Gourmet Shop will blow you away. Find the perfect insulated tumbler to take to work or school, or find a great water bottle for your sports team or to take to the gym. Whatever you need to stay hydrated and caffeinated, you'll find it here at Abt.