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Neato Robotics Robot Vacuums at Abt

Neato Robotics: Vacuums That Keep Clean

Neato vacuums: professional cleaning born from science. These high-tech dustbusters were first crafted during Stanford's annual Entrepreneur Challenge in 2005. Ever since, their engineers have been challenging the ways that we (and our smart devices) sanitize. While vacuums are designed to pick up debris, these ones can get into every nook and cranny of the modern home, gathering everything from crumbs and pet hair to dropped food. But what makes these models different from their circular competitors is easy to see from the outside, too: it's their shape.

The Right Shape and Size to Reach Every Corner

The D-shape of each Neato vacuum allows them to get all the way into corners in living rooms, offices and beyond, something that other robot cleaners rarely claim to do as well. These models aim right for the corner, maneuver out, and head right along the perpendicular wall. It's all with the help of laser-focused technology that keeps them aimed directly near the wall. Corners are normally havens to dust, stray hair and other light debris—whether surfaces are coated in tile, hardwood or carpet, a Neato vacuum will sweep along your corners and walls with efficient design and smart technology that echoes back to its roots in entrepreneurship.

Smart Technology in Every Sweep

These cleaning robots do more than just sweep along walls: they're designed with smart technology at every angle. Look for upgraded models with features like no-go zones: you'll be able to program your Neato vacuum not to go near children's play spaces, pet food areas and anywhere else you'd rather they stay away. The home mapping capabilities mean there will be few of those though— the same technology used in self-driving cars propels these sweepers all across your home. If you're looking to add a more personal touch, head into the MyNeato app. You'll be able to set up personal schedules for when to run your robot, whether the best time is late at night when everyone's off in bed or in the middle of the day when folks are out of the house or working at home.

Brushes Made to Dominate Dirt

No matter how smart the app is, the product still has to do its job. And these Neato vacuums pick up debris well. A massive brush leads the way at the flat end of the D-shape and works well to pull up dirt from hardwood, tile, carpet and other surfaces. Meanwhile, ultra-long runtimes allow each model to cover hundreds of square feet on a single charge. And whatever dust and allergens are pulled up, you can be sure they'll stay inside thanks to high-performance filters that trap 99.5% of allergens.

Not Sure Which Is Right for Your Home?

If you're still not sure that this powerful, smart sweeper is the right type of cleaner for your space, you're in the right spot. Give our team members a call at 800-860-3577 to speak to our specialists—we'll be able to find the best model for your needs. Alternatively, do some research from home and check out our vacuum cleaner buying guide.