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    Nimbus9 Smartphone Cases and Accessories at Abt

    These days, it's hard to find a cell phone that isn't nestled into a case. In many ways it's a daily necessity, at least to anyone who wants to keep their expensive gadget in good condition. That's where Nimbus9 comes into play. The brand's own collection of smartphone cases provides the ultimate protection for your device from the possibility of destruction and damage at all times. Nimbus9 is a company that is dedicated to the safety of your technology since their founding in 2013. Ever since then they have used innovative methods to create high quality and durable products that have gained them an excellent reputation in the industry.

    Quality Dedication

    With a strong reliance on using the best materials and assuring a high quality product for your gadgets, this company checks every box. Military grade drop protection is something you want to have for your smart technology around the clock. That means the slip ups and butter finger moments are covered for various drop heights, and simple bumps and thumps. The brand offers a wide range of colors and variations for various devices from different companies. This accommodating approach is what gives them the credibility they have worked so hard to create, and provides the customer with a spectrum of choices. Like many cell phone accessories, They perform thorough testing of their products like drop testing from ten feet to ensure they get the best results for their premium products. Their continuous effort for quality is only matched by their pursuit of excellent customer satisfaction, offering a lifetime warranty on their items.

    Just In Case

    Finding the right case can be a difficult decision, but it's often even more difficult to find the right tech for it. That's why we provide an extensive Buying Guide for Cell Phones here at Abt to make sure you buy exactly what you need. This company is committed to pairing your new purchase with a durable yet stylish solution. Grip is often the most important and overlooked factor in your buying decision. Sure, you want the drop protection to be as strong as possible, but what if it was unlikely that you ever drop anything to begin with? Having a solid grasp on your device can save you from ever dropping anything from the start. This is something Nimbus9 understands and incorporates in their designs.

    Feature Rich

    Nimbus9 understands the value of features when it comes to their products. Like some of our other smartphone cases they feature raised edges to protect the screen when being placed face down on a surface, if there is no screen protector. Or there are the mount ready options for mounting the entire item in a car or on a bike, as well as compatibility with wireless charging. For more information on Nimbus9, or if you have any questions about making your next Abt purchase, give us a call at 800-860-3577 to speak with an expert who will make sure you find the perfect solution, no matter what.

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    excellent response in determining an exact match to our present micro wave. delivery was on the exact day almost to the hour!
    Geoff N. - Dayton, OH
    March 27, 2023