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Other World Computing at Abt

Other World Computing USB-C Dock and a Mac Laptop

Other World Computing (OWC®) is a leading provider of quality computer upgrade products and services for Macintosh®, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and PC users worldwide

Other World Computing: Go Further

While the average laptop or tablet can meet many consumers' needs, some instances call for more. More power, more memory, faster load times, and a place to connect more devices. If you find yourself asking for more from your device, discover more from Other World Computing. An OWC hard drive or SSD (solid state drive) can help kick your device up a notch. Create your supercomputer with gear from OWC and Abt.

Other World Computing: OWC Hard Drives

Whether you're a Mac user or a PC owner, you've invested heavily in a device that's best for your lifestyle. And computers aren't very different from cars: with heavy use, you'll need to replace a few parts with newer ones. Or, replace new parts with ones that perform better. An OWC hard drive or SSD is designed for high performance, bringing new life to computers. Store large amounts of data with flash-based memory—a revolution in keeping and accessing large amounts of data.

Other World Computing products are designed for all, especially artists, photographers, business people, and anyone who needs a powerful, fast computer. But they're increasingly popular with gamers. Storing a game on an installed SSD makes load times lightning fast, rendering vast amounts of data properly and quickly. Whether you're a serious video game fan building out a PC laptop or a photographer trying to store large photo files, an makes file storage (and your life) easier.

OWC Accessories and Docks

When you bought your most recent computer, you may have noticed that laptops and desktops both have few ports for devices like headphones, USB cables, ethernet cords, and more. As our devices grow ever skinnier, we have less space to support these external devices. Solve the problem with a dock from Other World Computing. Plug these into a laptop or mini computer to expand your arsenal. Plus, these docks are ultra-portable, meaning you can bring your office with you wherever you go.

Other Worldly Service

If you're not sure where to begin when it comes to OWC hard drives, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We can help you find the best drive for your device and lifestyle. Each device from OWC comes with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year, and we'll help to service it in the future. For help in the future, look for assistance from our free tech support.